Monday, April 19, 2010

It's A Wrap!

After months' of painstaking search for a piece of blue/green-color-tone artwork to neutralize our golden dining room walls, after bouncing among classic portrait/social scenes to chinoiserie prints to impressionism oil paintings, I finally settled for a modern abstract/representation piece by Georgia O'Keefe named "From the Lake No. 1". She seemed to use a lot of blue and green color family in her artworks, and her abstract styles were not too radical or over-the-top.

This is a peek from the foyer into the dining room. I am not keen on the golden wall color (I thought it'd turn out more buttery than gold) but am too tired to change it now. I will live with it for a while, and decide if I want to repaint or wallpaper it. Note I also replaced the sliding mirror closet doors -- you can't have a mirror closet door at the entrance of a million-dollar home, right? :-D
This is Georgia O'Keefe's From the Lake No. 1 (1924) art print in a dark wood frame with linen liner. Though it was initially done in oil, the lively flow and transition of the colors made it so fluid that it appeared watercolor. The painting on the wall "Paris Walk - Snow" was done by none other than yours truly.
Mine exhibited side-by-side to Georgia O'Keefe's: it could only happen in my dreams and my home. :-)
The lime color dupioni shade lamps are glowing in golden tone which make the walls even yellow-er. :-(

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michael Sideboard by Christine's Custom Furniture

Our sideboard has finally arrived after eight month since we placed the order. Christine's Custom Furniture has proven to us again that it was well worth the wait. Our sideboard, a.k.a. Michael Sideboard (interestingly Christine has decided to name it with a masculine version of "Michelle", or it could just be a coincidence I wonder), is made of solid mahogany finished in a satin brown stain. This is the last piece of furniture to complete our dining room.

I replaced the antique brass ring pulls with larger ring pulls in satin nickle finish to create some contrast. The antique brass finish ones disappeared in the dark wood stain.
Michael Sideboard from a different angle. The wood grains are so sex-y!
The Michael Sideboard now has its own nook in our dining room. The idea is not to compete with a substantial piece like our double pedestal dining table. I keep changing my mind on what to put on the wall facing the foyer -- so for now it's best to just leave it blank.
This is a professional studio photo taken by Christine's Custom Furniture. The antique brass ring pulls have been replaced.
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