Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Vintage Art II

This is the number two from my recent art shopping spree, a Sydney Berne oil painting from the 1950s or earlier. Sydney Berne is a Canadian artist known for his snowscape paintings and skillful use of coloured shadows, an Impressionist movement started by Monet's The Magpie.

This painting was originally collected by Eaton's Art Gallery. It illustrates a snow mountain scene of Mont Tremblant.

This is the "coloured shadow" technique. A red-roof chalet in the centre of the painting makes a winter scene so heart-warming.

I tried the painting in the foyer, liked it but it clashed with my black white abstract art.

Then in the dining room. It works with the transitional style space. So it is there to stay until I can find a better wall for it.
Work has been crazy lately and I feel so behind this year that I am yet to put up the Christmas tree and décor. Hopefully this weekend we can finally get around to it. More on that later.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dining Room Chandelier Reveal

Remember all that debate I had over which chandelier to pick for my dining room re-design? At this point I was very sure I wanted to go brass, and even went so far as to actually place the order. But when I was told there was a manufacturer delay and the Ziyi chandelier wouldn't be in stock for another five weeks or longer, I had a change of heart. And luckily the store gave me a way out and allowed me to cancel the order.

I am pretty traditional to the core, and always thought a dining room chandelier should be full of sparkles and grandeur. When I saw these pictures from Estate Lighting in New York, I knew I found the one.

This antique reproduction crystal chandelier is made of hand-cut Swarovski crystals like this. I always prefer French cut over teardrop-shaped crystals because they look more elegant and sophisticated. And I had to pinch myself when Estate Lighting told me I could choose either one at no additional cost! Usually French cut is a lot more expensive than teardrop.

So this is what the chandelier looks like in my dining room. It has a 30" diameter which is a lot more proportionate to the size of my dining room.

From another angle. 

In case you are interested, Estate Lighting is based in Brooklyn New York, and they take international orders over the phone. The maker of this chandelier is Weinstock Lighting.

So now that lighting is taken care of, all I have left to do in my dining room is to add some vintage art and accessorize a bar table. Let's just say it continues to be a work-in-progress. Hopefully all can be done before Christmas.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, November 18, 2013

In the Mail Today: 2013 Holiday Ornaments

Christmas countdown officially started here at AM Dolce Vita. You know how much I love this magical holiday! Over the past few weeks I have started to collect this year's ornaments. If I waited until December to hit the stores, I probably wouldn't be able to find any nice ones left if any at all. Crazy right? How retailers all gear up months ahead - Halloween stuff hits the shelves during the back-to-school sale; Christmas stuff is all over the place as soon as the Halloween is over; and you'd better stock up on Valentine gifts before December is over!

This vintage brass sitting deer figurine from La Manche on Etsy travelled all the way from France and arrived in the mail today.

I think I am going to keep it on my coffee table in the living room all year round.

This vintage brass buck from SPARKLES and SASS also arrived today. Isn't it gorgeous? So cheerful and spirit-lifting - just what I need under this gloomy weather! Speaking of the weather, what's up with this November eh? It's been days after days of rain and not to say part of the province was under snow squall warning already last week.

Anyhoo, back to the Christmas ornaments. This year I am thinking of an "enchanted woodland" theme, so I've been like a little squirrel stashing away these mercury glass acorn, pinecone and mushroom ornaments - aren't they pretty?
I can't wait for December to start adorning this year's tree with them. Have you started your holiday shopping this year? 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bergère Chair Makeover

I've been searching for a pair of vintage Bergère Chairs forever, really don't have a room in mind for them but I know I want them. Two weeks ago I came across this pair on Kijiji and picked them up in a snap - they are perfect for me in every way. I don't think they are going to stay in my living room because I do like to leave some empty space in a room for "chi" to flow through. Again, I haven't decided where in the house they go, but I know I want to do some makeover.

Here are the options I am thinking:

Option 1: Neutral all the way: white-washed oak frame as is, unbleached canvas upholstery - I will probably lose the seat cushions too just like in the picture below.

This is what they look like flanking a fireplace. Picture courtesy of Decorpad.

Option 2: Dark and dramatic: black glossy frame with geometric black and white upholstery like this from Bijou and Boheme.

Or with neutral fabric so the frame pops even more like this Louis XV Salon Chair from Ballard Designs. Not sure if I will like such a high contrast combo for a long time though.

Option 3: Shades of grey: charcoal grey frame with similar colour tone fabric (Windsor Smith Pelagos) like this from Switch Studio.

Option 4: Wild and glamorous: or how much gilt frame with animal print upholstery such as Brunschwig & Fils' Les Touches fabric?
Or how about white-washed frame with a hide hair fabric from 1stdibs? So fun right?

 So which option is your favourite? Please vote below. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Murano Art Glass Chandeliers

Enter my latest obsession, these vintage Murano art glass chandeliers.

I have an ugly nook in my kitchen that desperately needs a makeover. In addition to combing through local classified ads for antique/vintage dining chairs to replace those in the picture, I would also like to take out that modern chandelier. The light comes with the house, and I could pick out at least three things wrong about it for the space.
A vintage Venini Trochi Tubular Glass Chandelier like this is more me. Isn't it dreamy? All pictures via 1stdibs.

This tiered glass chandelier holds these textured glass tubes which casts an incredible glow and pattern - a definite statement piece over a dining table. 
This is another option I am considering, a Mazzega style Murano art glass chandelier in feather pattern. I would die for it!
And its blush pink cousin. 
 Or how about this one in leaf pattern? So artsy and elegant. 

So what's stopping me from getting one of these like yesterday? Mostly rrice tag and size. These vintage Venetian art glass chandeliers can easily go for a few thou, and a lot of them aren't large and substantial enough (mostly 12-14" in diameter) for my kitchen dining room. I am yet to find any lookalikes or replicas of these chandeliers so I guess if I really want it, I will need to go for a true vintage piece.
So would you use such an expensive glass chandelier like this in a kitchen dining area? Have you come across any similar styles? 

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Vintage Art

Happy Friday my friends! It has been an exhausting and stressful week at work, so you have no idea how much I am looking forward to some downtime during the weekend.

Lately I have been on a shopping spree for vintage arts for my home. The score so far is three but I am not done yet. One of them is this vintage William Carson number from a local antique shop. I am not very avant-garde when it comes to art collection (or anything), so an plein air landscape oil painting in less saturated colours works well for me.

You can also see the staircase ledge in this picture - now I am thinking a bust sculpture on a pedestal will go nicely with this painting. What do you think?

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope to share more pictures of my new art collection next week. Until then...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nursery Daybed, Yes or No?

One of my best friends is expecting a precious little girl early next year, and she had asked me whether she *needs* a daybed in her nursery. If you ask me, I would say yes to the daybed, but what do I know? I am yet to have a baby or design/decorate a nursery. So I am hoping you ladies and new moms out there could give me some pointers - I would like to know too for my own benefits down the road.

So nursery daybed, yes or no? What would one need a daybed for in the nursery? Is it primarily for parents or baby? I could imagine a mom cuddling her baby to sleep on the daybed; or a dad attending to his fussy baby by napping on the daybed to keep them company; or spending some quality time playing with baby on the daybed. Are these scenarios all real? Do parents actually find good use of a daybed in a nursery?

Practicality aside, here are some gorgeous daybeds to send me into my design la-la land.

An vintage daybed in a soft and soothing nursery designed by Elizabeth Dinkel.

The ever-popular Ikea Hemnes Daybed in a nursery nook designed by SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Another good use of Ikea Hemnes daybed in a all-white nursery by Melanie Stewart Interior Design.

I am not usually a big-box-furniture-store type of gal but this Casey daybed in white seems stylish and practical with trundle for extra storage.

Oh and this dreamy Hamish Daybed by Oly.

Similar one seen in Christine's Bijiou and Boheme nursery.

West Elm's Window daybed has a geometric motif, suitable for a modern nursery setting.

Or Bayview Daybed with Trundle.

 So nursery daybed, yes or no?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mirror Progress

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. There is this thing called work that's been taking up most of my time and then some.

Remember I was so obsessed about this Louis Philippe French gilded mirror that I had to order custom from Anne Quinn Furniture? Well, Christine never disappoints! A couple of weeks after the order, Christine's supplier came back with this drawing.

Mind blowing! It captured everything that I wanted!

Christine always sent me pictures once they were made before they were painted/finished. So last week this showed up in my inbox.

Mind numbing!

It followed the drawing to a tee, which means it's *exactly* the same as I wanted it to be!

After this the mirror will be gilded, and then travel a long distance to come home to me. I can't wait to have it in time for the holiday parties!

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