Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tips for Creating an Elegant Home Design

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Your home is an extension of you, and the aesthetic that you choose to create within your house can say a lot about you, your personality and your lifestyle. Therefore, it is no wonder that so many people take pride in creating a beautiful home appearance, and designing an environment that any possible guests would be delighted to come and stay in. As such, it is important to think about all of the different aspects of the home, from the colour combinations you use, to your attention to the smaller details. If you are looking to create an elegant ambience within your home, then here are a few simple tips for creating a sophisticated and inviting living environment.

Start with the heart of the home
 The kitchen is the base of operations within the home, where people commune to cook, eat, talk and spend time together. Therefore, it is one of the most frequented areas of the house, and it gets the most foot traffic. With that in mind, if you are looking to create a centrepiece of elegance to set the tone for the rest of your home, this would be the room to do it in. Making simple changes to the kitchen design, from adding in wall details, to placing old countertops with more modern ones, can make a huge difference to the feel of the room. Alternatively, you might prefer to conduct a larger scale refurbishment, and undergo a complete kitchen renovation. Whichever way you go, think about the atmosphere you are trying to create within your home: do you want a sleek, modern design, incorporating light, monochrome colours? Or do you want an aesthetic of more traditional elegance, where darker tones and repurposed woods are more commonly used?

Think about the lighting
Homes are usually built with standard light fittings which, while they provide the basic necessary light, do nothing for the atmosphere within the home. If you have the time and resources to alter the lighting within your home, then you can really start to create the desired ambiance you are looking for. Adding spotlights around the edge of a room will allow you to play with the balance of within the room, meaning you can switch from playful shadows to having the room be as bright as daylight in an instant. The addition of standing lamps, turned up wall lights, or under cabinet lighting can also make for a great way to add different aspects of light into the room.

Take care in the details
Creating an elegant home design is about much more than your furniture choices, and the textures and patterns you use on the walls and floors; the factor that will really make your home stand out above all the rest is your attention to detail. Think about how all of the items within a room work together, and what impressions you get when you walk in: are there any obvious flaws in your aesthetic? Then move onto smaller details, such as how to finish off your look with soft furnishings, such as pillows, throws and drapes. If you are planning on making bigger changes within a room, you can even go as far as to change the type of crown moulding you have around the top edge of your walls. Getting the right design for this can really pull a room together.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

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As the effects of climate change and global warming continue to become more real, world is becoming more environmentally conscious and shifting towards eco-friendly homes even as pressure mounts on industrial economies to cut their emissions.

Making your home eco-friendly doesn’t require a lot of expenses or turning your life upside down. You don’t have to buy fancy gadgets or tear down your house. It simply involves limiting the impact your lifestyle has on the environment and conserving energy for sustainability.

Energy-saving bulbs
Not all light bulbs are the same. For the same amount of illumination, incandescent bulbs consume 90% more electricity than LED bulbs. Worse even, the incandescent bulbs also emit a lot heat which requires your home cooling system to work longer further driving up your energy consumption.

Replace your ordinary light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs to make your home more eco-friendly and reduce your electric bills.

Turn off when not in use
Don’t leave the lights on when they are not in use, even for a short duration. These small savings in energy consumption accumulate and make a significant impact towards energy conservation.

On the same breath, switch off and unplug your electrical appliances when you are not using them instead of leaving them on standby mode. There is ghost consumption when you leave your appliances plugged in which contributes to your total consumption.
Do not leave your water running either. Most people leave the water running when brushing or washing and this results into a lot of wastage. Turn off the tap when you do not need the water.

Heat management
You don’t have to freeze and risk your life to make your home more eco-friendly. What you have to do is to find smart ways to maintain the suitable temperatures you want in your home.

Thicker and brighter walls retain heat longer and you don’t even have to call home improvement service for this. With simple wall papers and interior d├ęcor, you can make home more heat retaining.

Make use of your windows during the day to regulate the interior temperatures and only run the air conditioner when you have to.

More importantly, make sure you heating and cooling system are in the best condition to minimize losses which would mean longer operating hours. You can take the Hvac Training Us to equip you with the skills you need for your DIY home repairs.

Landscaping improves the aesthetic appeal of your home but can also make your home more eco-friendly.

While selecting the types of plants for your garden, go with the native plants in your area which are better suited for your climate conditions thereby reducing the need for you to constantly water and tend to them. Bringing in exotic plants from elsewhere can some time lead to the death of native plants.

Also, use compost manure instead of fertilizer to improve your soil fertility.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Seasonal Refresh for Your Home

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With a new season on the horizon, now is the perfect time to revamp the appearance of your home, and in turn, make it more suitable for sun-drenched days of entertaining and socializing. To revive the freshness of your home, you don’t need to have a whole new bathroom fitted or to knock down a wall to create a kitchen-diner. Instead, a brand new feel is more readily achieved by changing the position of furniture and replacing worn and torn furnishings like rugs, carpets, and sofa cushions in favour of light, colourful ones. You can renew the look of your home in just a few easy steps, so begin making a list of items that you’d like to buy and display, and ones that aren’t currently fulfilling their purpose.

Replace Drapes With Shutters
With the days getting longer and lighter, replace heavy drapes with tidy light-coloured shutters or blinds. Blinds can provide plenty of privacy, and you’ll also be able to control the level of brightness each room receives by adjusting how they cleverly filter daylight. This control allows you to create a relaxed, private feel by adjusting the filter, and open them completely when you want to illuminate a room and flood it with natural sunlight. Going one step further, consider changing the window panes and frames to ones of a classic, stylish sash design. You can achieve this by visiting timberwindows-direct.co.uk and looking into getting made-to-measure windows complete with windowsills.

New Coat Of Paint
Unless you want to completely alter how rooms in your house feel in terms of warmth and character, you should stick to repainting them in the same, or a similar colour, as they were before. By simply adding a new coat of paint, you can instantly freshen up the appearance of tired or stained walls. You can improve the look of your home by making other visible surfaces, such as the floor and ceiling, appear clean and free from dirt, grime, and dust.

Add Plants
Spruce up the place by adding a beautiful plant in each room, and don’t forget to add some greenery to the bathroom. For the bathroom, you could choose the Aloe Vera plant which reduces indoor humidity, and as a result, it is very useful in rooms where moisture builds up. Before adding your potted plants, if your surfaces look a little dusty and uncared for, then wash them down thoroughly. Vases of colourful flowers in bloom can cheer up a space, so think about getting some long-stemmed flowers such as roses or lilies, and arranging them in a tall clear vase for a stylish aesthetic.

Have a meticulous spring clean to remove any grubbiness that’s accumulated. When you’re doing this, try and avoid using harsh chemicals that aren’t environmentally friendly. Instead, you can use lemon juice, baking soda, and white vinegar for deep-cleaning fabrics, cookware and glass. Do this alongside clearing out mess, clutter, and possessions that no longer serve a purpose in your home. Replace old trinkets and decorations with new ones, or decide to keep surfaces clear and tidy by removing them completely.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

5 Must-Read Tips for a Family-Friendly Interior Design

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It’s important to provide your children with a safe space both during and after the decorating process. You therefore need to invest in the right furniture, paint and layout to create a beautiful home without compromising on your children’s health and happiness. Here are five must-read tips for a family-friendly interior design.

1. Buy Durable Fabrics
Are you planning to buy fabrics for the home? The more durable, the better when living with children. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a fabric sofa or drapes, you will want upholstery that will stand the test of time when raising kids. To identify if a material is durable, simply run your fingers along the fabric. The more noise it creates, the more durable the upholstery will be, meaning it will require less maintenance. Stain-proof, low maintenance materials often include leather, pleather, wool, twill, and felt.

2. Child-Safe Paint
Regardless of whether you are painting your child’s bedroom, embarking on a creative project with your kids, or restoring an antique, you will want to provide your son or daughter with a safe environment. For this reason, you should click here to find eco friendly paint for kids projects or an interior design project, as it will be non-toxic, so is great for your children and planet Earth. Unlike with other paints, you will not need to worry about harmful chemicals damaging your child’s health.

3. Accessorize Out of a Child’s Reach
You do not need to compromise on style when living with children. You simply need to make a few adjustments to your interior design. For instance, you should always accessorize with items that are out of a child’s reach. Add candles, frames, and pewter bowls at the top of a bookcase or shelf they cannot access. You should also ensure the items are immovable when at a height to avoid an injury.

4. Invest in the Right Flooring
Parents will have a million and one tasks to juggle within the home, which is why you will want to select something that’s effortlessly stylish and easy to clean. You will also want to avoid slip and trip hazards within the home. Carpet can therefore be a great choice, especially if your baby is starting to crawl or is a little unsteady on their feet. However, you might want to pull up the carpet as they grow older and replace it with a hardwood floor, as carpet can be unforgiving when children start handling their own food. Consider a rustic, pre-distressed hardwood floor in a medium to dark tone, which can be forgiving in a family home.

5. Use Different Storage Options
Living with children means picking up an endless array of toys and clothing off the floor. Not only can this make your home appear cluttered and unkempt, but loose items can also be a trip hazard. Declutter the space by buying various storage products to maintain a clean, clutter-free, safe space for your children. For example, you can add their toys and books into attractive boxes on open shelves, or you could store board games and shoes in an antique chest.

5 Organization and Care Tips for Home Business

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Running a business from home is a truly rewarding experience. You get to work from your comfortable space and there will be no paying rent or commute expenses. Additionally, you get enough time to take care of your family. However, having your work tools and materials at home will take up some of your living space. If you don’t organize well, your house may soon turn out to be a little messy. Additionally, children can mess up your work files or products, giving you a headache. To ensure this doesn’t happen, consider the following home organization tips.

Choose a Specific Work and Storage Space
While you can work from different spaces, it is essential to have one storage space for your work documents, raw materials, and finished products. This will ensure that your stuff is not scattered around the house. You can choose a specific room in the house, part of a room, the garage or even the basement as your work and storage space. At times, you can work from the living room or outside, but once you are done, bring back your stuff to your dedicated workspace to keep the house tidy.

Storage Containers for Home Organizing
Investing in storage containers, boxes, and baskets for home organizing will help to keep the house tidy. If you are dealing with more than one item, consider having a different container for each. Ensure that the boxes are labeled to avoid confusion and time wastage. For the important documents, you could have a lockable cabinet with a number of drawers. Lost or damaged documents could result in lost sales, so keep products safe.
You could also have some small portable containers for carrying around materials when you want to work outside your dedicated space.  

Protect Your Floors and Surfaces
When you are working from other parts of the house, ensure that you protect your floor and other surfaces. For instance, if you run a T-shirt business, consider placing a protective mat between the T Shirt Maker Machine and the surface. Alternatively, you could have a special table made for your machines. This will help in preserving your floors and surfaces and keeping them stain free. Stains can take time to clear and this makes your house look untidy.

Clean up When You Are Done
When you are done working, clean up and put everything back in the dedicated storage space. Don’t leave things lying around, as this not only makes your house untidy but could also cause injuries to your kids and pets.

Self Storage and Outsourcing
Most small businesses that start from home end up expanding with time. Therefore, when that time comes for you and your space becomes too small to handle the boxes, consider moving some to self-storage facilities. Outsourcing packing and fulfillment can also help in keeping your home tidy. Outsourcing can also give you more time to focus on marketing and sourcing new ideas for your business.

Working from home gives you convenience but do your best to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the beauty and safety of your house. Keep everything organized and when the business expands, consider seeking storage elsewhere.
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