Tuesday, August 22, 2023

How to Visually Open Up Your Space

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Gone are the days when homes had to be small and dark, just to keep the heat in. Today with modern insulation, windows, and innovative HVAC systems, you can keep your home the perfect temperature even if it’s fully open plan. The fact that you can enjoy even these open spaces all year around has been a game changer for interior design. It means that you can make any home brighter. Even just visually opening up your space can do wonders for your home and your quality of life.

If you’re not sure where to begin with opening up your interior design, don’t worry, this guide has your back.

Use Glass Railings

Glass railings and fences are one of the easiest ways to open up your space and modernize it all at once. Glass railings inside are a must to open up areas like your stairwell, which can traditionally be quite dark due to the shape of the stairs. Outside glass fences can be used to open up the view. Particularly if your home is on a hill, glass fence installers can turn your view from great to utterly spectacular. You’ll want as little obstruction as possible when it comes to both light and views, so if a railing or fence is getting in your way (but also a safety requirement) then a glass fence is the ideal compromise. 

Use Light Colors

One of the best and easiest ways to brighten the interior of a home is to use light colors. Don’t worry if you’re someone who hates white walls, as any light shade will do. You can use yellows, blues, and even greens — just make sure that the shades you choose reflect as much light as possible. 

Use Mirrors

Another simple, but effective way to open up your space visually is to use mirrors. Mirrors bounce light and reflect it throughout the home over and over. Don’t think you have to use just mirrors, either. The glass on top of pictures also works to reflect the light. 

When to Open Up a Wall

If your home is particularly old and each room is very, very dark, then your best bet is to open up a wall, or even two. To really help brighten a space, each room should have at least two windows. This is particularly important for living spaces on the ground floor. If you have a small home, then open up your walls so that you gain access to light from the front and back of your home. 


Last but not least, declutter. All the above tips will mean nothing if your home is full to the brim with things that you don’t use or even like. Decluttering everything from knick-knacks to even furniture pieces can do wonders for opening up the floorplan and letting your interior design breathe. Other ways to hide your clutter include choosing multi-purpose furniture that has hidden storage or investing in vertical storage solutions like shelves to get things off the floor.  

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