Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How to Create the Ultimate Home Office

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There are invaluable benefits that come with working from home. Being in your safe haven and having more freedom and flexibility can help boost productivity and efficiency levels. However, to keep you focused, you must be in an environment that promotes work.

If you have been ordered to work from home due to COVID-19, finding a quiet area in your property and transforming it into a home office should be your first step. To get started, here is a guide on how to create the perfect home office.

Purchase the Right Equipment and Furniture

No matter what kind of job you have, you must have the right equipment and furniture at your disposal. From laptops to tablets, office chairs to desks, kitting out your office with the right tools will set you up for success. There are office furniture delivery and installation companies that can help you design an efficient workstation.

Embrace Natural Light

Many people make the mistake of pushing their desks right up against the wall in the darkest spot of the room. Instead, you should place your desk near to your window which means you can take advantage of all the natural light seeping in. Research has shown that natural light encourages workers to be more productive, healthier, and happier. In addition to natural light, you must purchase lamps that you can use during the darker hours of the working day.

Create Plenty of Storage

To boost productivity in your home office, the last thing you want is to work in a space full of clutter. If your home office is filled with mountains of paperwork, you may struggle to stay focused on projects and tasks. Whether you have a spacious office or have limitations, getting creative with storage will help you get the most out of your room. Display shelves, wall storage, and bookcases are all good suggestions that can be used to house your office materials.

Add Greenery

Working long hours in your home office can take its toll on your health and wellbeing. So, to improve concentration, reduce stress levels, and help you think more positively, you should consider adding greenery. Indoor plants will not only enhance the look of your home office, they can keep you focused on your workload. House plants also help clean indoor air by creating oxygen and absorbing toxins.

Remove Distractions

From the moment you sit down in your office chair, you need to be focused on your work. There are many distractions that can take your eye off the ball and reduce productivity. Make sure that your smartphone is placed out of sight and out of mind. It’s advised not to install a television in your home office as you may find yourself watching your favorite shows and movies instead of doing your work.

Your home office should be the one area in your home where you can zone out from distractions and put your full concentration into your work. To achieve this, following all the tips above can help you get the most out of your space.

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Outside Space

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Spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine is good for our physical health and mental wellbeing. If you are lucky enough to have outside space at home, it makes sense to make the most of it. With the right approach to design, you can create a space where you can relax, entertain, and put your stamp on. No matter where you live or the type of outside space available to you, there are plenty of creative ways to turn it from dead space to living space. Whether you have a little or a lot, this article features seven ways you can make the most of it.

1. Build a garden room

Lots of people are finding the easiest way to create usable space in their garden is to transform it into a room of its own. By adding fencing or building brick walls, lighting, heaters, and a covered area with comfortable seating, you will create a whole new room for yourself with the added benefit of fresh air and sunshine. Add your own finishing touches with paint, flowers, and accessories.

2.   Install decking

Installing decking is a simple yet effective way to turn a rough or untidy garden into a smart space for relaxation and entertaining guests. Experienced deck builders will be able to assess your outside space and how you plan to use the decking, recommending the right materials and design to suit your requirements and your budget.

3.   Lay artificial grass

If your garden is lacking in grass, is heavily shaded, or you are not keen on the idea of maintaining real grass, artificial grass could be the ideal solution. It appears to be bright and full of life, but it does not require maintenance. Artificial grass provides an even and tidy look with all the vibrancy of a real lawn.

4.   Create privacy with vertical plants

People who live in properties that are overlooked by neighbors can increase the amount of privacy they have by planting fast-growing vertical plants and living walls. This is also a great solution for people with small gardens as you can still enjoy plants and flowers without taking up valuable ground space.

5.   Break the space up into zones

A clever design technique that can create the illusion of more space and give your garden more versatility is to divide the area into zones. With trellis, fencing, plants, a water feature, decking, and a seating area, you can create multiple zones, each of which can be used for different purposes. Be careful, however, not to crowd the space with too many zones, a lot of furniture, or accessories.

6.   Be clever with mirrors

Just as with interior design, placing mirrors in the right way, e.g., on walls or fencing, can give the illusion of more space. You may be able to make a garden appear and feel wider or longer.

7.   Plant a garden on your windowsill

Homes without outside space are at a disadvantage, but it is still possible to bring the natural world indoors. All you need is a windowsill where you can place some pots and/or a window box, and you can plant flowers, herbs, and small fruits. Click here for more on creating an edible window box.

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