Before After

Six years into our current house, I thought it would be fun to compile these side-by-side Before and After pictures to show you how I transformed some interior and exterior space of our home. The list is always going to be a work in progress: depending on which point in time I went back to, there might have been a Before the Before. And the serial decorator in me tells me there will definitely be an After the After in the future. The intent is to show you small jobs like a fresh coat of paint, adding moulding, switching artworks or rearranging furniture can still yield a very dramatic outcome. Whereas sometimes a gut job is all you need in order to start fresh, like what I did with my master ensuite - the ugly builder basic finishes were beyond redemption. 

Most of these pictures were taken from the same perspective.

Front Porch and Garage Doors

Foyer Entrance

Dining Room

Living Room


Kitchen Dining Room

Main Bathroom

Master Ensuite

Master Bedroom

Basement Living Room

Basement Hallway


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