Monday, February 14, 2011

Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet

Our new laundry room design has pretty much left no room to tuck away our old ironing board. Let's see a show of many of us hate to drag out, set up and then fold away an ironing board? Well, at least I do!

I've started to look at ways to utilize the vertical space instead. At the rate household innovations are going today, chances are, whatever you can think of already exists. A wall mounted stowaway ironing board cabinet is the answer to my problem.

So I started my search on Internet only to find a very limited number of designs ranging from $180 to $600! The cheapest one with a nice white wood cabinet door I could find in Canada will cost $329 from a major kitchen and bath store. So I've decided to call a few "prime suspects" that may carry novelty things like this. When I got to the Home Outfitters their store manager told me they have a wall mounted ironing board on clearance at $40! What??? I asked her to walk me through the description (sliding cabinet door, white wood cabinet, stowaway ironing board, iron shelf, etc.) and it sounded like exactly the same one I was looking for! Unfortunately they were all sold out so I had to call a few stores until I got to the one in Markham, and they have only one left!

I didn't think a deal could be that sweet until I rushed to the store and saw the one that's exactly the same as I was looking for at MSRP $329! The store manager wanted to get rid of the last one so she offered me this ironing cabinet in perfect condition at $25!!! So I got a $329 Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet for $25, or 92% OFF! Unbelievable!

This is the Wall Mounted Ironing Board with a slide white wood cabinet door.
When the panel is slide-closed, the cabinet would look integrated with the rest of the Ikea Adel White cabinets we are putting up in the laundry room.
(not my house)
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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