Thursday, June 20, 2019

Material Options for a New Roof

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A house renovation doesn’t have to be restricted to the interior of your home. While having a new bathroom or kitchen installed will give your property a new feel on the inside, the ultimate way to transform it in the eyes of those who only see the outside is by installing a new roof.

The roof is arguably the dominating feature of your home when it is viewed from the outside. That makes it the prime candidate for upgrading if you are looking for a fresh new look. Changing the color or the material of your roof can have a striking impact on those who pass it by on the street.

If you want your roof renovated, then the big question is which material to go for? Here are some of the possibilities.

Clay tiles
Tiles are the most tried and tested roofing material in human history, having been used as long ago as 10,000 BC in Neolithic China. It’s not unusual for a tiled roof to outlast the building that it has been placed upon; indeed, if you look at some of Europe’s most historic buildings, you’ll notice that many of them contain tiled roofs and some of those will have had very little maintenance carried out on them since they were constructed.

Both clay and concrete tiles are versatile and can withstand pretty much whatever the elements throw at them. Clay tiles, in particular, will add a striking new look to your property with their dark red or brown appearance, especially if you live in a neighborhood where this sort of roofing material is rare.

A tiled roof is relatively straightforward to install and given its long life, it’s cost effective too. For more information, speak to All Star Roofing, tile roofing specialists Tampa, FL, today.

The overriding factor that puts most people off having a metal roof is the concern that when it rains, it’s going to make an almighty noise. This isn’t actually true as with proper insulation in place, noise is greatly minimized to the point where it is no louder than a more traditional roof.

A metal roof has a long lifespan with some copper roofs known to have lasted up to one hundred years. It’s that longevity that is making them a popular choice.

Wood shake
If you’re searching for something a little different, a material that is environmentally friendly or just love the idea of giving your home a more natural look, then a wood shake roof could be perfect for you.

A wood like cedar is strong, beautiful and helps to reduce the amount of energy that your home consumes by being nature’s best insulator. Cedar roofs also have longevity due to all the natural oils they contain and absorb, which makes them resistant to both decay and pests.

Finding a contractor who specializes in wood shake roofs can be difficult and because of the specialism involved, they don’t come cheap either. They are however a stunning addition to any home, although it should be noted that they can only be constructed on sloped roofs rather than flat ones. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Home Improvements That Make a Difference

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Most of us struggle to find the energy, time or money to spend on grand home improvements. However, smaller adjustments can actually make the world of difference in the home. When done smartly, home renovations don’t have to be an expensive venture. Even small improvements will make your house more comfortable and enjoyable to live in, and could also boost your home’s value should you decide to sell in the future. Here are some of the most affordable home improvements that will have a big impact.

Repair and paint walls

If you are dying to make a change on a tight budget, you can’t go wrong with paint. A new coat of paint will give your home a quick facelift and instantly freshen up your interiors. It’s amazing what a can of paint can do - you could opt for a neutral shade to create a calming atmosphere, or choose to liven up your decor with a bright pop of color or vibrant feature wall. Before you paint your interiors, it’s a good idea to repair any wall damage to create a smooth base. This includes things like scratches, dents and chipped paint. Contact Philadelphia drywall repair specialists who can repair any visible damage and create a perfectly smooth interior to give your home a more polished look.

Update your lighting

Lighting has the power to completely transform a room. It can welcome guests in for a cozy dinner, or create a more productive working atmosphere. Most potential buys want space that is flooded with more than adequate light. Cleaning the fixtures allows more light to shine through while painting old fixtures will help create a brighter look. Replacing mismatched light fixtures is also a great investment. Upgrading to a dimmer switch is the perfect way to create mood lighting and will also reduce the amount of energy you use. This will save you money on energy bills and help reduce your carbon footprint. Under cabinet kitchen lighting is another great option that will aid in cooking, and give an elegant look to your kitchen.

Give your front door a facelift

Your front door is extremely important because it’s the entry to your home. It’s the first thing people will see as they approach your property and sets the tone for what the rest of your house is going to be like. This is why it is a good idea to update your front door if it appears worn and starts to show signs of aging. Painting your front door can cost as little as $20 and choosing a bold hue can have a massive impact, making your home stand out from the rest in your area. You can also update doors by replacing squeaky hinges and installing new door knobs.

Get creative with your decor

Bring out the artist in you and decorate your wall with things like paintings, old photos, stencils and wall art. This will allow you to create a truly unique interior that showcases your individual style. Mirrors are the simplest way to make any space feel bigger and lighter, so make sure to include some in your design ideas. If you want some design inspiration then check out ideas on sites like Pinterest.

Do some landscaping

Landscaping is a great way to create the all-important first impression and even a bit of lawn maintenance can increase your home's value. Keep your yard looking its best by removing dead grass and weeds, then plant a few attractive flowers around your yard to add color. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to outdoor projects, check out these tips for landscaping your backyard. Adding an outdoor dining table to a porch or yard makes it seem like there's even more space, and creates a welcoming space for people to relax outdoor on warmer days.

Modernize your bathrooms

Replacing the toilet seat, upgrading fixtures, replacing broken tiles and deep cleaning, are the quick fixes that can spruce up a bathroom. There are also several more adventurous ways to freshen up an old bathroom. A pedestal sink won't cost a fortune and can instantly breathe new life to your bathroom. If the floor is worn, then change it up with vinyl or laminate. You can also add a modern twist and touch of vibrance by painting a bathroom wall or using a stencil to create depth.

So there you have it - home renovations don’t have to break the bank! There are plenty of affordable home improvements that can make a big difference.
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