Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Guide to Updating an Old Property

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While you might have fallen deeply in love with a historic property’s architectural design and features, it might require an injection of modernity to bring it up to the standards of 21st-century living.

If you want to make important tweaks and changes to your home without losing its charm and character, read this informative guide to updating an old property.

Install Spray Foam Insulation
Older buildings are often a little draftier compared to modern properties, as they won’t feature the same level of insulation. If you want to keep the bitter cold out of your home, you should install spray foam insulation to make your property warmer and more energy efficient. It is one of the most effective solutions for preventing air infiltration via your property’s joints, seams, and cracks. Contact a spray foam insulation contractor at

Sand and Re-stain Your Flooring
If you are lucky enough to have bought a home with natural wood flooring, you should consider hiring a specialist firm to refurbish them for you. For example, they can effectively sand and re-stain the flooring, which will make them look as good as new without losing their charm. If, however, you need to install new flooring, opt for either new or refurbished wood that can complement period properties.

Highlight Decorative Focal Points
If an older property features decorative focal points that are filled with character, you should aim to highlight them to create an impressive home you’ll proudly show off to your loved ones.

For example, you should spruce up stained glass, an antique fireplace or period moldings, which will ensure your home exudes tradition and charm. Regularly cleaning the decorative features will also prevent them from looking tired and outdated, which could detract from your interior design.

Mix Period Items with Modern Features
Complement an older property’s history and architecture by incorporating period items into your home. For example, you could install a Victorian fireplace into your dining room or an Art Deco armchair into your living room. It will add a touch of sophistication and timeless style into your home, which can mix perfectly with modern upgrades, such as a TV or smart home device.

Stick with Traditional Designs
It doesn’t matter if you’re installing a light fitting, radiator or cabinet, you should invest in traditional designs that can create an elegant home. There are also many modern pieces on the market that can accurately emulate an era, such as Gothic Influence, Georgian or Art Deco, and investing in the replica furniture and furnishings will not break the bank.

Expose the Beautiful Brickwork

The older your home, the more beautiful the brickwork underneath will be. Rather than hiding your walls away, you could uncover your property’s bricks to create an industrial, rustic interior design. While many people are stocking up on brick wallpaper, you could embrace the real thing that won’t look out of place in your period property. So, consider stripping an entire wall or chimney breast back to its original state, which will undoubtedly draw your guests’ eye.
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