Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Magazine Feature and 2018 Christmas Design

Christmas is my favourite holiday to celebrate and decorate. It took me a whole second to say Yes when the chief editor at the Victorian Homes Magazine approached me to do a feature of my Christmas decor. The Winter 2018 issue came out around October 9. 

To re-cap, this was my 2017 Christmas tree, my favourite to-date. 

Below is my 2018 Christmas design board, which is still largely based on the "hygge", simplicity and back to basics theme. What do you think? 

How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

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As winter is fast approaching, it’s up to every homeowner to organize their home ready for the colder months. This might mean getting someone to service the heating system, dealing with last-minute gardening or just putting things away neatly. When these items are taken care of, getting through winter becomes much easier. However, if you don’t get these jobs tended to, you’re looking at an expensive repair or quick fix until the spring comes around and it’s easier to resolve.

Here are a few tips for how to get your home winterized.

Furnace Repairs
The furnace keeps you warm in winter, but it might have barely been used in the last few months if you live in an area that has milder weather. It’s a good idea to get your furnace checked out each year before using it for a sustained period. When a furnace has a problem, it could completely shut-down at the worst possible time. A dangerous burner leak or carbon monoxide leak at a low level inside your home might provide deadly. Getting your furnace checked using this service provides peace of mind.

Usually, a technician will check the air filters, verify that the thermostat is making the correct readings and perform a check on the gas and carbon monoxide to ensure there’s no accidental leakage. Piping that runs to the furnace might get looked at as well, along with the fan and motor, which are integral to its operation too.

It’s well worth making the investment to maintain your furnace, not just for safety but also due to the cost of replacing one should it go wrong. Just like any appliance, a little TLC goes a long way to helping it enjoy a longer life and reduces the total ownership cost of the operational period too.

Be a Tree Inspector
Look around your property to see whether there are trees with branches overhanging. The branches might run over your driveway, the roof or be near the windows on the uppermost floor. Bear in mind that during winter, rain on the branches can accumulate, freeze, and turn to ice. This can add enough weight to the branch to cause it to dip or fall down completely. That branch that hangs near a house window with the aid of water, freezing temperatures and wind turns into the one that might come right through the window!
Set about trimming back the branches that are dangerously close to the property. Use a cautious outlook about how much they could move during a storm. If you’re planning to do the work yourself, use a ladder safely as many accidents lead to people falling off them. If you’re not so sure about the task, get a tree surgeon to trim them back. If it’s only one branch, it won’t cost the earth if they’re a local or operating within the state.

Window Treatments
Check all the windows to see whether there are heat loss problems with gaps in the moldings or trim around the window. Perhaps the window sill is cracked and it’s a direct line in through the wall? Move your hand around the edge to check for any breeze. If you find any, using a weatherproofing strip to seal it.

You can also use a plastic sheeting to seal off each window, one at a time. This will prevent the window from being opened during the winter. Ensure they are all closed and their locking mechanisms fully in place first. Usually, the plastic see-through window sheets have adhesive to go around the edges of the window and fixes in place using a hairdryer to create a strong seal. This creates a secure vacuum that helps to keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside.

Gutter Cleanup
The gutters can cause a major issue in most homes when water starts freezing on the ground. Gutters tend to get blocked up with fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris until rainwater runoff cannot flow along the planned path to the drainage point. This causes water to overflow the gutters with random gushes of water or free-flowing streams when it’s raining.

The water on the ground can quickly freeze if it becomes still for too long because there’s no planned drainage in the spot where it’s hitting the ground. The area will turn into a sheet of ice that’s incredibly dangerous to walk on. This can happen at the front, back or side of the home and cause problems getting in and out of the property.
Make a point of cleaning all the gutters out. Check whether the water can flow freely and that it’s following the right path and disappearing down the drain. Look for collected puddles of waters and push them into the drainage system.

Wrapping Heat Pipes
Considerable heat is lost from pipes that are bare. When they’re wrapped up using foam designed expressly for pipes and secured with duct tape, it will avoid heat being lost along the heating system. When the pipes manage the heat well, the thermostat can be dropped a few degrees to balance out the average temperature when it reaches the hot water tap or shower unit. This will save you money every winter time. Buying the right foam from a DIY store and fitting it yourself is a weekend job only.

It’s not that difficult to prepare your home for winter. There’s still plenty of things to do though. For instance, if you have a deck, then this must be prepared for winter in a special way depending on the type of decking materials that it’s made from. Gardens can certainly do with some general tidying up, putting away gardening tools that might get hidden beneath snow and only being re-discovered when stepping on them. The whole property is certainly worthy of a once over to see what you can spot that’s been affected by the passage of time. You can then determine what issues need resolving now vs items for next year’s to-do list.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Getting Your Roof Ready For Winter

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With the crazy windstorms we've been getting in recent years, this post comes very timely for those concerned. 

With winter now just around the corner, it is important for every homeowner to think about their house and whether or not it is ready for the difficult conditions that this time of the year brings. The freezing cold, rain, harsh winds and potential snow and ice can cause all kinds of problems which can be tricky to fix and leave you in a difficult situation. There are a few areas that you will need to think about, but first, you must consider the roof as this is one area of your property which is constantly exposed to the elements. You certainly do not want any issues arising with this protective area. Below are three steps to make your roof ready for the upcoming season.

First, it is a wise idea to get up on the roof for a thorough inspection before the difficult conditions arrive. Look out for any missing or damaged shingles or if there is an exaggerated sag in the ridgeline. You can also caulk around areas like chimney stacks to keep it waterproof. If there any issues, you will certainly want to get these repaired before winter arrives as rain or snow could lead to a leaking roof which you certainly don’t want to have to deal with during the harsh winter months. Replacing shingles can be a straightforward task, but it is best for peace of mind to use a professional.

While you have the ladder out, it is also worth taking a look in your gutter as often leaves and other debris can create blockages. Removing this will ensure that rain can drain quickly and off the roof. Once you have cleaned out the gutter, use the garden hose to make sure that water flows through quickly. Additionally, make sure that the downpipes extensions are directed away from the foundation to stop any water damage from occurring. If you get a significant amount of debris in your gutter, look to trim back any nearby trees. In addition to keeping gutters clear, this can also stop damage to shingles if the branches are rubbing against them when it is windy.

Attic Insulation
You will also need to take a look at your attic insulation to make sure that it is evenly distributed and not blocking any roof vents, but you must be wary of asbestos when checking the insulation. This insulation will keep the warm air in and stop the cold air from getting in so that you can stay comfy and warm throughout the winter. While you are in the attic, keep your eyes peeled for leaks or stains which would indicate the roof is leaking.

Winter is fast approaching, and this can be a tricky time as a homeowner. There are a few preparations that you will need to make, but the first order of business should be ensuring that your roof is ready for the difficult conditions. Having a solid, prepared roof over your head will stop any damage from occurring which could lead to leaks as well as make sure that you stay warm and comfortable throughout the winter months.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Home Décor Tips for an Oceanfront Property

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When buying an oceanfront property, the one thing you will almost certainly want to do is decorate it in keeping with the location. For example, it wouldn’t be quite fitting to decorate the interior of your home in Early American when the property is located on Myrtle Beach, for example. Inland, that could very well work, but when choosing an oceanfront property on this website, you will want to reflect the architecture that surrounds you. There are many ways to approach home décor with the ocean so near, but here are some of the best ideas gathered from around the web.

Let the Sun Shine In!
So many homes inland are all shuttered up and as dark as the day is long. When you have purchased a home or a condo on the waterfront, the one thing you will want to do is take advantage of all that sunlight glistening off the crystal blue waters of the ocean. Not only will you be able to glance out at the waves lapping up against the shore, but you will be able to reduce your lighting bill significantly by taking advantage of all that natural light. Most interior decorators suggest blinds with sheer curtains. During the day you could always keep the sheer panels closed, but at night, for privacy, you could pull the blinds closed. It’s a perfect solution when passers-by might inadvertently peer in your windows.

Use That Deck for Extra Living Space
Speaking of that lovely ocean view, why not use your deck, patio or porch for extra living space? Set it up like a mini living room so that you can relax in the warm afternoon sun or entertain guests to WOW them with the view of the ocean. White wicker furniture is ideal for an open space sitting room and if you enclose it with windows stretching the top half of the room, it can even be a place to keep your prized plants that need a lot of natural sunlight. Even the lampshades could be crafted from wicker and if you have a wicker rocking chair, the picture is complete.

Creative Use of Maritime Colors
Two rooms in which those nautical blues and sea greens work best would be the kitchen and the bathrooms. Picture the walls painted in those amazing colors with tiled floors and nautical pulls on cupboards and drawers. To complete the picture, why not place a ship’s wheel clock on the wall for effect? They even make nautical light pulls, switch covers, and you could add a seahorse or two as an added appeal. You do, after all, live on the ocean so why not make use of nautical décor?

Water Resistant Fabrics
Don’t forget that your home, although enclosed, will be subject to the humid air of the ocean. For this reason, interior designers suggest that you leave tapestry and microfiber furniture behind and only use furniture designed with water-resistant fabric. This is often the kind of cushion covers you will find on rattan or wicker furniture anyway, so why not carry that effect into the home from the sitting room you’ve created, and you can do all your furniture shopping in one place. It does make sense and with the right materials, you will not be subjected to mold and mildew from all that humidity!

Painted Wide Wood Floors
One of the most common types of flooring you’d see in those beach cottages of days gone by are wide wood floors. These are usually painted and if you carry your maritime theme through the home, you could paint those wood floors a lovely aqua or sea green. Then, throw rugs would be ideal because they would add a splash of complementary colors to the room, completing the picture with minimal effort.

Painted Storm Shutters
Don’t forget those storm shutters outside that might come in handy should a hurricane or tropical system head your way. You need storm shutters anyway but sometimes it’s literally years between storms. Why not use decorative, yet functional, shutters so that they’re part of your decorating scheme but ready to be shuttered as the need arises.

Vintage Bathing Suits – A Picture Perfect Addition
If you love to frequent the thrift shops, why not keep your eyes open for vintage swimwear? These can be nicely framed and placed on walls in lieu of oceanscapes. Why, after all, would you want a picture of the ocean when you can look right out your window to see the real thing? Sometimes you can find bathing caps and other items which can be easily framed and as many as you can find will just add to the charm.

Colorful Knickknacks and Sand Art
If you’ve created a shelf along the length of one wall, it would make the perfect location to place an assortment of colorful knickknacks. However, don’t forget the sand art you can find from local artisans and what would an oceanfront home be without a ship in the bottle? Any size will do, but a large one would work best because it can be seen well and would be the focal point of any room.

Signal Flags in the Kids’ Rooms
There is so much history that we’ve long forgotten and what better way to teach the kids about traditions long since set by the wayside? Signal flags were first introduced by the British in the 1800s and each sign was a symbol of a letter or number. Think of them like visual Morse code, which is another tradition almost forgotten in these days of mobile phones and laptops.

So there you have some rather interesting ideas for decorating your oceanfront home and if you are feeling a bit creative, you can probably come up with dozens of more ideas of your own. This is just a start, but now that you are seated in your lovely new home looking out at the water, this is where you’ll find the best inspiration so take your time and enjoy!

8 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any house and one of the most popular when it comes to home remodeling jobs. It is also one of the most costly and difficult areas to remodel. But when done right, just a few upgrades here and there could completely transform the way your bathroom looks, even on a budget. In this article, we’re going to give you a few ways you could give your bathroom an instant upgrade.

Go for a Clawfoot Bathtub
If you want to give your bathroom a more rustic feel, then consider going for something like a clawfoot bathtub. Depending on how your bathroom is configured, this could actually be pretty easy to do and will completely change the way your bathroom looks and feels.

One of the things I like about a clawfoot bathtub look is how versatile they can be. If you want to go for a more modern look, there are clawfoot tubs that will fit any modern bathroom decor. But you could also get a near perfect replica of an old-time clawfoot bathtub if it’s cohesive with the general feel of the room. You could even go for a copper clawfoot bathtub if you’re feeling adventurous.

Upgrade the Mirrors
Adding new mirrors or dressing the ones you already have could have a huge influence on how the bathroom looks. When used correctly, mirrors can add depth to your bathroom and make it look much larger. Wide and tall mirrors can work wonders to make a small bathroom look bigger. Adding a frame around your main mirror can also be a great way to upgrade your bathroom. A beautiful mirror frame made from reclaimed birch would be a great addition to a brand new clawfoot tub as well.

Go for Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring
Vinyl flooring has come a long way and is now becoming more and more popular with homeowners for a wide variety of reasons. Luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT for short, allow for much more options than regular vinyl flooring, especially for bathrooms.

While vinyl was an unpopular choice for bathrooms not too long ago, LVT can be installed in your bathroom with no problem. It is one of the easiest flooring options to install, and one of the most versatile as well. And it allows for a much wider variety of finishes too.
Always dreamed of having hardwood floors in your bathroom? Then go for imitation wood LVT. Not only will you get an almost identical finish, but it will also be completely water resistant and not prone to warping or rotting like wood. And it can even be installed yourself if you have the know-how and are ready to get your hands dirty.

Or Go for New Tile Floors
But if you want to go for the whole shebang, you can always go for new tile floors as well. Natural stone tile like marble, granite, porcelain or travertine will give your bathroom an instant upgrade and a brand new modern and elegant look. And it's not uncommon today to see people using the same tiles for the walls and the floor, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Go for a Corner Sink
If you want your bathroom to look special, you have to be willing to step outside of the box as well. Most people are used to having their sink in a central location, but why not go for a corner sink instead? Not only will it make the bathroom stand out but will make it more functional by facilitating foot traffic as well.

Give that Vanity an Upgrade
The vanity is also an element that you should give special attention to when making upgrades to your bathroom. Switching to a floating vanity will not only make your bathroom look bigger but will also give you some extra storage space right underneath it. If you have enough space, consider adding a ‘his & hers’ vanity unity to make your bathroom feel extra luxurious.

And while you’re at it, why don’t you get rid of these hazardous sharp corners and go for a rounded vanity instead? Bathrooms can sometimes lack proper lighting, and vanities with sharp edges can be dangerous in certain situations. Switching to a rounded vanity will not only make your bathroom safer but more stylish as well.

Go for Tiles on the Countertop
We all know that using the proper set of tiles can completely transform a bathroom but on the countertop? Yes, when used correctly, tiles on a countertop can be a great addition and a great conversation starter as well. Nice terracotta tiles can be the perfect addition to a dark blue countertop and are a much cheaper alternative to stone countertops as well. Make sure that you use the right caulk so the water doesn’t seep into the cracks.

Go for a New Color Scheme
For some reason, a lot of people tend to get creative when comes the time to find color schemes for their master bedroom or kitchen but will strangely go all conservative when comes the time to choose colors for the bathroom. But choosing the right colors could completely change your bathroom’s look and make it look more high-end instantly, even if all you did is buy some paint.

If you want to take things up a notch, forget the white and neutral tones and go for a splash of color on the walls. Colors you should consider include powder blue, rich jewel tones, greens, or even matt brown or black accented with chrome fixtures and light tiles. Add a few colored elements here and there and you’ll have a Pinterest worthy bathroom you’ll be able to show to your friends.

So, if you were running out of ideas on how to upgrade your bathroom, we hope we were able to get your creative juices flowing. These few recommendations will take any bathroom design from great to outstanding in no time.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mistakes To Avoid As a Homeowner

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Being a homeowner is a big responsibility because you have a lot to take care of and manage on any given day. You may be so busy attending to your other obligations that you aren’t even aware of the mistakes you’re making on a regular basis as a homeowner.

Spend the time learning what these are so you can change your ways going forward and create a more attractive and comfortable property to live. Bringing these mishaps to your attention will help you to identify areas for improvement so you can transform your house into an even more desirable investment in the future.

Not Enlisting the Help of the Experts
While you may be a very talented person overall, unless you’re in the home business it’s likely you don’t have the same knowledge as a licensed contractor. For instance, read more about when and why you should get a roof inspection and what to expect at your appointment. You can climb up on your roof and check it out for yourself, but only the professionals are going to know what to look for and how to fix any issues. It’s important to know when you can DIY projects and other instances when you’re better off hiring an expert to help you out.

Refusing to Fix Problems
Even the smallest of problems are important to attend to and fix as a homeowner. The longer you let any damages linger, the worse off you’re going to be in the long run. What was once an insignificant and easy mend could eventually turn into an expensive, complicated and costly dilemma you’ll be stuck dealing with. It’s in your best interest to pay attention to what in your home needs repairing and make sure you get on it right away. Save up some money on the side for emergencies and so you have the funds to cover any unexpected occurrences that pop up.

Living with an Outdated Kitchen
One area of your home you want to give special attention to is your kitchen. It gets the most foot traffic, is where you mix and mingle with your family and friends and is the space where you fix all your meals. Living with an outdated kitchen is tolerable, but it’s not desirable for you as the homeowner or for a homebuyer when you go to put your house on the market one day. Updating your kitchen is a great investment and will allow you to enjoy your space more while you’re living in it. Consider replacing old flooring, painting worn out cabinets and installing new countertops for starters. You can also include additional touches such as upgrading your appliances and including a backsplash as time goes on.

Ignoring the Exterior
Although you spend most of your time indoors, the appearance of the exterior of your home matters a great deal as well. Think about applying new paint or siding and committing to hiring a landscaping company to help you maintain an attractive lawn. The last situation you want is drawing the wrong kind of attention from neighbors and passersby. Work on improving your curb appeal and turning your backyard into an additional space where you actually want to spend time. While it can be a lot of work to make these modifications, your efforts will be well worth it in the end when you feel proud of your home and it no longer sticks out in a negative way.

Allowing Messes to Pile up
It’s extremely important to keep your house clean and tidy so that you don’t spread germs and can find what you’re looking for. Allowing messes to pile up and not taking the time to declutter is only making your job as a homeowner and parent harder. You’ll be a lot healthier and less stressed out when you get on a cleaning schedule and make sure all of your belongings have a space of their own. When your house is in good shape, it won’t matter if guests or visitors drop by unannounced. You also won’t feel as overwhelmed after coming home from a long day of work when you don’t have to encounter a huge mess in your personal space.

Making Assumptions
Another mistake many homeowners are guilty of is making assumptions or taking guesses without doing their homework. This could mean moving ahead with home renovation projects without first checking the ROI. On the other hand, it may be that you think a certain project is going to cost less then what it will in reality so you fail to budget properly. It’s always better to do your research and find out the facts than it is to guess or estimate when it comes to maintaining your home. Take your time and get advice from the professionals before you jump into renovations or decide to make a big investment in your property. 

Not Taking Advantage of Unused Spaces
Whether you’re a recent empty nester or have awkward areas you continue to ignore, a mistake you could be making is not taking advantage of unused spaces in your home. For example, you can turn an old bedroom into a home office or exercise room or a vacant window ledge into a comfortable reading nook. Go around your home and take note of what rooms or spaces exist that aren’t being used and start seeing how you can modify them to be a bigger part of your home going forward. Any square footage you can make use of will certainly help you enjoy your house more in the moment.

These are just a few of the main mistakes you may be making as a homeowner that you’ll want to avoid going forward. Learn from your past errors and then commit to doing a better job being in charge of your property in the future. It’s better to be honest and in the loop about these blunders versus looking the other way or continuing to make matters even worse as time goes on.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Ideas For Adding Luxurious Touches to Your Home

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Your home doesn’t need to feel drab and outdated any longer if you’re willing to put some extra time and energy into making a few important updates. You too can have a house that looks and feels more luxurious when you pay attention to a few details in particular.

The following ideas will make you fall in love with your home all over again, so you actually want to have people over instead of dreading these encounters. It’ll be fun to create a space that you feel proud about and that you’ll not only be able to enjoy yourself but also show off to others.

Apply New Paint
Old, chipped paint is bringing down the entire ambiance of your house and making it look incomplete. Not only apply new paint to your walls and different rooms but also use this as an opportunity to be a little more daring and bold. For example, incorporate accent walls with striking colours or add stripes to help you achieve a more luxurious outcome. Take time to consider what the celebrities are doing in their homes with paint and try to mimic these styles. You can either hire someone to do it for you or take it on as a DIY project and get the whole family involved in the updates.   

Picture below: I recently repainted our home dining room. Look how a couple of fresh coats of Chantilly Lace paint transformed the space?!

Install A Fireplace
Another great way to make your home look and feel more luxurious is to install a brand new fireplace. It’ll not only bring you warmth in the cold months, but you can also use it as a way to create a focal point in a living or dining room. Visit this website to scope out luxurious stone pieces you can use for the interface and mantel. Instantly upgrade your home in a flash with this approach and add beauty and style to a plain and boring space. It’s a small investment that will go a long way in making your space appear more chic and modern.

Update Your Décor
What could be dragging your house down the most is that you have old-fashioned décor lingering around. Make your home look and feel more luxurious by not only decluttering but also choosing to use plants, artwork, and textures to quickly give your space a facelift. Include personal touches as well such as family photos, flowers, and handcrafted items to help you achieve this goal. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to decorate your home, but it will require you to be picky and strategic about which pieces you choose and where you place them.

Invest in Window Treatments
It’s in your best interest to budget for and install window treatments throughout your home if you want it to appear more luxurious. This is an important touch that will not only help control what light you allow in and out, but it’ll also increase the attractiveness in each of your rooms. Hang your curtains high to make your ceilings appear taller and choose stylish colours and textures that are trendy and fresh. Make sure they’re properly lined, hemmed and that you have proper drapery rods and hooks in place for a more polished look.

Keep it Clean
Your home will look and feel more put together and current when you keep it clean and take the time to declutter. Not only incorporate whites and brighter hues in your design but also be diligent about picking up messes and making sure all of your belongings are in order. The better it smells and the less dirt and grime you let linger, the more luxurious and attractive your space will be. Add touches such as essential oils and lavender to help you enhance the overall ambiance and create a more relaxing environment. Come up with a cleaning schedule you can follow, so you never find your home in shambles or looking out of sorts.  

Enhance Your Entryway
One area many homeowners forget to attend to is the entryway, which has a big impact on your home’s overall charm. It’s the first place visitors will see when they enter your home and will set the tone for the rest of the space. Make your house look and feel more luxurious by adding a pop of colour, installing shelving and laying down a warm and plush area rug. Let this area be a true mood lifter and get you excited to come home after a long day of work. You should also consider including a table so you can set out fresh flowers and rotate them out depending on the season or holiday. All it takes is a few small additions and paying attention to the details, and your entryway is sure to make a statement.

Picture below: my new Article BIOS sideboard looking dapper in my home foyer

Create an Outdoor Sanctuary
Keep in mind that taking care of the outside of your home is just as important as you attending to the inside. One idea is to create an outdoor sanctuary complete with well-kept landscaping, fountains and water features and comfortable and tasteful furniture you can lounge in. Make it a space that’s not only great for sitting and reading a book on a quiet afternoon, but also an area where you can entertain guests when the weather is nice. Another idea is to build a pergola and plant extra bushes around the perimeter so you can have a bit more privacy. Your backyard will project luxury when you take care of it and are mindful about adding tasteful and attractive elements that create a beautiful and inviting place to relax.  

While it’ll take some heavy lifting on your part to add luxury to your home, know that your efforts will be well worth it in the end. You’ll be able to construct a home that’s not only comfortable and appealing for you, but also extremely attractive and impressive to any onlookers. It’s not necessarily about how much money you’re willing to put into this project, but how much time and energy you’re prepared to dedicate to applying modifications that truly make a difference. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

How to Achieve Your Dream Home Decor

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Your dream home is your place of comfort. It should be the space that you feel most comfortable and at peace in, no matter what type of day that you had. When you step through your door, you should be enveloped in a warm and fuzzy feeling. This is a result of the people and the atmosphere that are in it, but also due to the aesthetics.

The visual aspect of any location can influence your mood, and the same applies to your home, which is why it is important to choose your home décor carefully and think long and hard about the type of items you fill it with, from the colours, patterns, textures, and so on.

For a complete understanding of how to achieve your dream home, continue reading.

Choosing the style
You should take some time to think about what theme you want your home to have. In other words, what textures, patterns, colours, and overall style do you want? Leaving your walls white is always boring, and you will not have an environment that inspires your creativity if you leave them like that. More so, different colours will cause you to feel a different mood, and so you should also think about what you want a certain room to feel like.

Cool tones have a more calming effect, whereas the warm colours are more energetic. Keep in mind that you don’t need to fill your entire home with cool colours, but it may be the dominant choice in a particular room or two. It all depends on you.

Reflective of your personality
In order for your place to be comfortable, it will have to be reflective of your personality. This is the exact same way that the clothes you wear often say something about you as a person. Have fun with the décor items that you choose for your home! The quirks are what make it interesting and unique. What is the point of putting something together that looks just like anyone else’s? If it’s your dream space, you should do what you want with it.

Vintage and thrift shopping
In order to further create a unique space, a good idea is always to go vintage and thrift shopping. You simply never know what you will find when you do this! Keep your eyes open to any accent pieces that would look good in your home. You could find something locally or even at a small thrift shop overseas when you are on vacation. Who knows? Whether it’s a sculpture, a vase, a painting of sorts, or any other item, you should purchase it and add it to complete your home décor aesthetic.

Mix old with new
Something else that would be worth doing is to mix old with new design styles. If you choose to go vintage and thrift shopping, that does not mean that your entire space should be filled with only antique items. In fact, modern spaces that have hints of older styles are much more distinctive. Even if a style that you like was popular a hundred years ago, you should embrace it if you want to.

Hiring a professional
While you should do what you feel is best for your dream home, it would also be worth getting the opinion of a professional. They are experts who know exactly how to combine comfort, function and style to create the ideal home. You don’t need to listen to everything that a home design professional tells you to do, but they could very well open your mind to new layout and design possibilities that you would have otherwise never considered. You should read more on why hiring an expert can be the best option to creating the home of your dreams.  

Importance of light
Light can change the entire aspect of a room and can make it appear more open. Thus, it is always important to invest in plenty of light sources, whether it’s lamps, miniature string lights, chandeliers, and so on. Even consider the type of bulb that you should use, whether LED or something else, as it will change the look of the atmosphere. This is important for the sake of a lively space.

Determine a budget
At the end of the day, everything you do requires money. You need to determine what type of budget you can work with when you are putting together your dream home décor. Even if you go vintage and thrift shopping, purchasing a lot of items for your home can get expensive very quickly. Thinking about your monthly bills and various other expenses, determine what amount you can spend each month on this task, without letting yourself go into debt.

Enjoy it
The last factor to keep in mind is that you should have fun and enjoy looking for the various décor items that are part of your home, rather than feel stressed about finding everything in a certain amount of time. It’s important to remember that there shouldn’t be any type of rush to put everything together. Instead, take your time with each room, filling them up with accent pieces and unique décor one-by-one. In any case, when was the last time that something good was achieved overnight?

The definition of a perfect home will differ depending on who is asked. However, there are certain qualities that make up this notion of the ideal home, and they have been outlined here. What home can be complete with its own unique interior design? Everything should be organised and placed strategically somewhere but done so in a way that makes you happy. The very definition of a dream home insinuates that it is something that makes you feel at peace, and the décor you choose plays a major role in this. Think back to the last time you felt content in an empty room filled with four empty and white walls – chances are that you weren’t, and you shouldn’t leave them like that.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Top Tips for Decorating Your Home on a Budget

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Sometimes, the journey to owning your dream home can be a long one. For many people, it takes the right décor to enable their house to feel like a home, even if they have been living in their house for some time. Unfortunately, decorating a house of any size can be expensive. When you can’t afford to create the home space you like, it can begin to feel like it won’t ever happen. Just because you are low on funds, it doesn’t mean you should suffer. In fact, there are many tips you can follow, which will help you decorate your home in exactly the way you wish- without the designer price tag.

Reassess your finances
Before you take the plunge, it’s wise to look at your budget for your decorating project. This will allow you to see whether you need to save any more money, and which areas your current budget can be directed towards. If you are hoping to furnish your home to a high standard, you should cut back on daily expenses, so you have more money for your decorating. However, if it feels like the wait has been too long, considering no credit check furniture financing options is a great way to split the cost of your furnishings into more manageable chunks, which you pay back over the course of future months.

Buy from discount stores
When you are hoping to buy décor from current design seasons, it can be a lot more expensive than turning to past designs to decorate your home with. To avoid your home looking outdated, you should look for more timeless pieces in discounted furniture stores. There are many of these dotted around the country, where stores sell new goods at reasonable prices. In some cases, it’s best to look at online retailers, where better discounts and a wider range of furnishings can be browsed.

Make your own decorations
When you have a knack for arts and crafts, you should capitalize on this by making your own decorations for your home. This could range from knitting your own blankets for living areas and painting your own walls, to crafting handmade candles out of wax and essential oils. This is a great way of adding a personal touch to your home. Some people even choose to display their own artwork or photography to add a colorful statement to a room. If you are worried your craftsmanship skills aren’t up for the task, you can ask family members and friends to pitch in.

Go second-hand
There is a large misconception that second-hand furnishings can lack character and style. However, when you know the right places to look, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In some second-hand stores, you will find vintage gems to add a regal look to your home, such as bedside tables or cabinets. Eager eyes may also use this opportunity to repurpose vintage furniture to give it a new look. For some crafty people, it is easy to use vintage velvets and silks to make unique patchwork quilts and cushion covers with.
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