Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Ideas For Adding Luxurious Touches to Your Home

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Your home doesn’t need to feel drab and outdated any longer if you’re willing to put some extra time and energy into making a few important updates. You too can have a house that looks and feels more luxurious when you pay attention to a few details in particular.

The following ideas will make you fall in love with your home all over again, so you actually want to have people over instead of dreading these encounters. It’ll be fun to create a space that you feel proud about and that you’ll not only be able to enjoy yourself but also show off to others.

Apply New Paint
Old, chipped paint is bringing down the entire ambiance of your house and making it look incomplete. Not only apply new paint to your walls and different rooms but also use this as an opportunity to be a little more daring and bold. For example, incorporate accent walls with striking colours or add stripes to help you achieve a more luxurious outcome. Take time to consider what the celebrities are doing in their homes with paint and try to mimic these styles. You can either hire someone to do it for you or take it on as a DIY project and get the whole family involved in the updates.   

Picture below: I recently repainted our home dining room. Look how a couple of fresh coats of Chantilly Lace paint transformed the space?!

Install A Fireplace
Another great way to make your home look and feel more luxurious is to install a brand new fireplace. It’ll not only bring you warmth in the cold months, but you can also use it as a way to create a focal point in a living or dining room. Visit this website to scope out luxurious stone pieces you can use for the interface and mantel. Instantly upgrade your home in a flash with this approach and add beauty and style to a plain and boring space. It’s a small investment that will go a long way in making your space appear more chic and modern.

Update Your Décor
What could be dragging your house down the most is that you have old-fashioned décor lingering around. Make your home look and feel more luxurious by not only decluttering but also choosing to use plants, artwork, and textures to quickly give your space a facelift. Include personal touches as well such as family photos, flowers, and handcrafted items to help you achieve this goal. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to decorate your home, but it will require you to be picky and strategic about which pieces you choose and where you place them.

Invest in Window Treatments
It’s in your best interest to budget for and install window treatments throughout your home if you want it to appear more luxurious. This is an important touch that will not only help control what light you allow in and out, but it’ll also increase the attractiveness in each of your rooms. Hang your curtains high to make your ceilings appear taller and choose stylish colours and textures that are trendy and fresh. Make sure they’re properly lined, hemmed and that you have proper drapery rods and hooks in place for a more polished look.

Keep it Clean
Your home will look and feel more put together and current when you keep it clean and take the time to declutter. Not only incorporate whites and brighter hues in your design but also be diligent about picking up messes and making sure all of your belongings are in order. The better it smells and the less dirt and grime you let linger, the more luxurious and attractive your space will be. Add touches such as essential oils and lavender to help you enhance the overall ambiance and create a more relaxing environment. Come up with a cleaning schedule you can follow, so you never find your home in shambles or looking out of sorts.  

Enhance Your Entryway
One area many homeowners forget to attend to is the entryway, which has a big impact on your home’s overall charm. It’s the first place visitors will see when they enter your home and will set the tone for the rest of the space. Make your house look and feel more luxurious by adding a pop of colour, installing shelving and laying down a warm and plush area rug. Let this area be a true mood lifter and get you excited to come home after a long day of work. You should also consider including a table so you can set out fresh flowers and rotate them out depending on the season or holiday. All it takes is a few small additions and paying attention to the details, and your entryway is sure to make a statement.

Picture below: my new Article BIOS sideboard looking dapper in my home foyer

Create an Outdoor Sanctuary
Keep in mind that taking care of the outside of your home is just as important as you attending to the inside. One idea is to create an outdoor sanctuary complete with well-kept landscaping, fountains and water features and comfortable and tasteful furniture you can lounge in. Make it a space that’s not only great for sitting and reading a book on a quiet afternoon, but also an area where you can entertain guests when the weather is nice. Another idea is to build a pergola and plant extra bushes around the perimeter so you can have a bit more privacy. Your backyard will project luxury when you take care of it and are mindful about adding tasteful and attractive elements that create a beautiful and inviting place to relax.  

While it’ll take some heavy lifting on your part to add luxury to your home, know that your efforts will be well worth it in the end. You’ll be able to construct a home that’s not only comfortable and appealing for you, but also extremely attractive and impressive to any onlookers. It’s not necessarily about how much money you’re willing to put into this project, but how much time and energy you’re prepared to dedicate to applying modifications that truly make a difference. 
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