Tuesday, August 22, 2023

How to Visually Open Up Your Space

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Gone are the days when homes had to be small and dark, just to keep the heat in. Today with modern insulation, windows, and innovative HVAC systems, you can keep your home the perfect temperature even if it’s fully open plan. The fact that you can enjoy even these open spaces all year around has been a game changer for interior design. It means that you can make any home brighter. Even just visually opening up your space can do wonders for your home and your quality of life.

If you’re not sure where to begin with opening up your interior design, don’t worry, this guide has your back.

Use Glass Railings

Glass railings and fences are one of the easiest ways to open up your space and modernize it all at once. Glass railings inside are a must to open up areas like your stairwell, which can traditionally be quite dark due to the shape of the stairs. Outside glass fences can be used to open up the view. Particularly if your home is on a hill, glass fence installers can turn your view from great to utterly spectacular. You’ll want as little obstruction as possible when it comes to both light and views, so if a railing or fence is getting in your way (but also a safety requirement) then a glass fence is the ideal compromise. 

Use Light Colors

One of the best and easiest ways to brighten the interior of a home is to use light colors. Don’t worry if you’re someone who hates white walls, as any light shade will do. You can use yellows, blues, and even greens — just make sure that the shades you choose reflect as much light as possible. 

Use Mirrors

Another simple, but effective way to open up your space visually is to use mirrors. Mirrors bounce light and reflect it throughout the home over and over. Don’t think you have to use just mirrors, either. The glass on top of pictures also works to reflect the light. 

When to Open Up a Wall

If your home is particularly old and each room is very, very dark, then your best bet is to open up a wall, or even two. To really help brighten a space, each room should have at least two windows. This is particularly important for living spaces on the ground floor. If you have a small home, then open up your walls so that you gain access to light from the front and back of your home. 


Last but not least, declutter. All the above tips will mean nothing if your home is full to the brim with things that you don’t use or even like. Decluttering everything from knick-knacks to even furniture pieces can do wonders for opening up the floorplan and letting your interior design breathe. Other ways to hide your clutter include choosing multi-purpose furniture that has hidden storage or investing in vertical storage solutions like shelves to get things off the floor.  

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Find Me on Instagram

 Hi Blog friends! 

I am still around and still very much in the interior design/styling sphere! I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted here and nearly two years since I posted new content about my Hilltop House! Time does fly when you have a very busy career and a super active toddler! 

For the very little spare time I have left for myself every day, I spent it on things that always inspire me - interior design. I posted all the new photos of my custom build, from the construction two years ago to the now furnishing and styling, on my Instagram account amdolcevita. You can find me at https://www.instagram.com/amdolcevita/. 

You will notice my Hilltop House style is quite a departure from my last house. It's more modern, soft minimal, and definitely far more livable. I've been keeping the accessorizing to a minimum so every piece has a purpose and more presence in a room. Here are a few shots to give you an idea. If you love my new style, maybe I will meet you on Instagram

Our ground floor hallway custom built-in - it became the most used storage space on this floor! 

Our family room featuring Timothy Oulton's floating marble coffee table sourced from ELTE, Christine Lemieux et Cie Baron plaster side table, Athena Calderone for Crate Relic oak and Pompeii pedestals, and Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Polly Checkered rug in the largest size 13x9'3". 

Hallway and my office reading corner featuring the Sabine Marcelis x Ikea Varmblixt collection wall sconce, and of course, my forever loved Roly Poly chair. 

Athena Calderone for Crate and Barrel Honore oak sideboard and Colin King for Audo Copenhagen Surround vase. 

Rove Concepts' Dresden modular sectional turned out to be so comfortable that I couldn't stop my toddler from lounging on it! 

Baby's hand wash station, also known as our kitchen bar area. 


Guest bathroom featuring Montana Labelle's marble hooks

Another custom built by Canadian Closets using white oak cabinetry. Behind the closed doors are my husband's DVD collection (face palm emoji) and my son's toys and books. 

Front sitting room featuring Lawson Fenning for CB2 Muir chairs and Gus Modern Nord sofa in Rosseau Barley. Rug should look familiar to you - it was from the living room of my last house. Coffee table is a vintage travertine piece refinished professionally by the 365 Studio. Ceiling light is Herman Miller sourced from Gabriel Ross. 

Formal dining room - didn't think I was going to have one but decided to go through with it. This nearly 10-foot long solid wood dining table was from CB2 - it provides perfect table space for my family to play Legos together. 

My primary bedroom - you can see that I am keeping the furnishing to a minimum with only the functional pieces. Bed is from Rove Concepts Ophelia bed in King size. 

My favourite mirror of all times - the Pond mirror from Ferm Living. Console table is an old piece from CB2. 

Colin King for Audo Copenhagen Interconnect Candleholder. 

Foyer featuring CB2 Bali pendant large size, Colin King for Audo Copenhagen Stance vases, CB2 mantel mirror and Article Lenia sideboard in white oak. 

I will try to link everything next time I am back here. Feel free to drop by my Instagram page and ask all your questions there. 

See you around friends! 

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