Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Vintage Art II

This is the number two from my recent art shopping spree, a Sydney Berne oil painting from the 1950s or earlier. Sydney Berne is a Canadian artist known for his snowscape paintings and skillful use of coloured shadows, an Impressionist movement started by Monet's The Magpie.

This painting was originally collected by Eaton's Art Gallery. It illustrates a snow mountain scene of Mont Tremblant.

This is the "coloured shadow" technique. A red-roof chalet in the centre of the painting makes a winter scene so heart-warming.

I tried the painting in the foyer, liked it but it clashed with my black white abstract art.

Then in the dining room. It works with the transitional style space. So it is there to stay until I can find a better wall for it.
Work has been crazy lately and I feel so behind this year that I am yet to put up the Christmas tree and décor. Hopefully this weekend we can finally get around to it. More on that later.
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