Friday, November 22, 2013

Dining Room Chandelier Reveal

Remember all that debate I had over which chandelier to pick for my dining room re-design? At this point I was very sure I wanted to go brass, and even went so far as to actually place the order. But when I was told there was a manufacturer delay and the Ziyi chandelier wouldn't be in stock for another five weeks or longer, I had a change of heart. And luckily the store gave me a way out and allowed me to cancel the order.

I am pretty traditional to the core, and always thought a dining room chandelier should be full of sparkles and grandeur. When I saw these pictures from Estate Lighting in New York, I knew I found the one.

This antique reproduction crystal chandelier is made of hand-cut Swarovski crystals like this. I always prefer French cut over teardrop-shaped crystals because they look more elegant and sophisticated. And I had to pinch myself when Estate Lighting told me I could choose either one at no additional cost! Usually French cut is a lot more expensive than teardrop.

So this is what the chandelier looks like in my dining room. It has a 30" diameter which is a lot more proportionate to the size of my dining room.

From another angle. 

In case you are interested, Estate Lighting is based in Brooklyn New York, and they take international orders over the phone. The maker of this chandelier is Weinstock Lighting.

So now that lighting is taken care of, all I have left to do in my dining room is to add some vintage art and accessorize a bar table. Let's just say it continues to be a work-in-progress. Hopefully all can be done before Christmas.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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