Monday, November 11, 2013

Murano Art Glass Chandeliers

Enter my latest obsession, these vintage Murano art glass chandeliers.

I have an ugly nook in my kitchen that desperately needs a makeover. In addition to combing through local classified ads for antique/vintage dining chairs to replace those in the picture, I would also like to take out that modern chandelier. The light comes with the house, and I could pick out at least three things wrong about it for the space.
A vintage Venini Trochi Tubular Glass Chandelier like this is more me. Isn't it dreamy? All pictures via 1stdibs.

This tiered glass chandelier holds these textured glass tubes which casts an incredible glow and pattern - a definite statement piece over a dining table. 
This is another option I am considering, a Mazzega style Murano art glass chandelier in feather pattern. I would die for it!
And its blush pink cousin. 
 Or how about this one in leaf pattern? So artsy and elegant. 

So what's stopping me from getting one of these like yesterday? Mostly rrice tag and size. These vintage Venetian art glass chandeliers can easily go for a few thou, and a lot of them aren't large and substantial enough (mostly 12-14" in diameter) for my kitchen dining room. I am yet to find any lookalikes or replicas of these chandeliers so I guess if I really want it, I will need to go for a true vintage piece.
So would you use such an expensive glass chandelier like this in a kitchen dining area? Have you come across any similar styles? 

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