Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Antique French Gilded Mirror

I still haven't decided on which mirror to use in my dining room. But one thing I am sure of is that I really want to have an gilded mirror in my house, may it be over the mantel in the living room, above the chest in the foyer, or on the wall above the sideboard in the dining room. I became completely obsessed after I spotted the antique French gilded mirror in this picture.
Atlanta Homes/ Amy D Morris

This is what I want: a very typical Louis Philippe mirror with rounded top corners in aged gold leaf finish. I want to lose the corner block look and have the 45-degree mitre joints where the bottom frame meets the rest of the mirror.

I also want a more dramatic header like this one that stretch out wider. But, I don't want this frame though - it's too ornate for my taste.

This is the frame I like, clean-lined with beaded details for extra elegance and sophistication.

Easy peasey lemon squeezy right? Not quite! The bad news is that the type of mirror I want does NOT exist! Or at least not my search so far could lead me to. So what now then? This is when I reach out for my silver bullet - let's try CUSTOM!

I emailed Christine, owner of my favourite custom furniture store Anne Quinn Furniture with my vision and all the specifics, and she replied, yes, she can make it for me! Woot woot! The best part about having it custom made, in addition to the obvious part about dimensions to fit your space, is that you could fuse together the Best of the Best and turn it into a brainchild of your own - sort of like what I did with the hutch buffet in my dining room. I think Christine should probably add a "Dolce Vita" collection, no? :)

So the wheels are set in motion and I now can look forward to the drawing to come back and the mirror to be made. Before I sent Christine my order, I did some scotch tape mockup on the floor to help me visualize the overall size and proportion of this mirror. Fun, right?

I will post updates as I have them. So exciting!

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