Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hostess Gift

Fall has officially arrived, so welcome to the colourful foliage-sighting, trench coat-wearing and favourite-tv-show-premiering season! Though it's only mid September, media acts early. They usually start to buzz about the latest and the greatest for the upcoming holiday season in late summer. I am constantly being reminded that Christmas is only three months away and the message resonates so well with a Christmas enthusiast like me. I almost would start to think about the color palate for the next year's ornaments as I put away the tree. I know I am totally OC.

I could barely wait for these plates to hit the store shelf when I received the newsletter - the Gluckstein Home 10th Anniversary Architectural Accent Plate via the Bay. I am a big fan of antique architectural prints (like the ones in my living room), so I definitely have to have these plates.

I picked up a few sets this past weekend - two for my own collection, and a few to spare. They come in a very clean and elegant white box - don't they make perfect hostess gifts?

With the holiday party season fast approaching, they would certainly come very handy if we are invited to a party on short notice. Again this shows my OCD but I always like to be prepared (or at least appear so).

I was a bit skeptical about the print quality on the plates because often for patterns this intricate the print can be uneven. But no, not on these plates. Each and every single plate I bought has perfect print, not even one spot missing.

The fact that they are made of bone china is just icing on the cake. I would be so thrilled if my guests show up with these in their hands. :)

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