Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In The Mail Today: Vintage Alabaster Lamp

I've been looking for a vintage Alabaster lamp for a while but the search was on and off. It was on my "must-have" list, but I also knew a true vintage Alabaster lamp especially those in mint condition is very difficult to come by. Why you might ask? The Alabaster which most of the lamps here in North America were made of is gypsum, so soft that it can be easily scratched with a fingernail. That means they are extremely difficult to be kept in perfect shape, any scratch or dent will undoubtedly show. I really can't explain why I had my heart set on such a delicate piece, but I just love it and no other substitute like white marble lamp would do it.

So I jumped at it the other day when my random browsing on Etsy led me to this perfect number - a true vintage hand-carved Alabaster lamp by Little Dog Vintage. The best part is, it's in mint condition with no visible nicks and scratches. I emailed the store owner Claire (who also runs a design blog at and she put it on reserved listing for me right away.
A few days later this beaut arrived. I haven't decided where in my house it will go yet, but I will have no problem of creating a vignette just for it. I am thinking a black silk tapered drum or cone shade might also work.

Here are some inspirations from A Country Farmhouse.

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