Sunday, September 8, 2013

Neat or On the Rocks?

As I am onto the finishing touches of my dining room re-design, I am now seriously looking into adding a bar in my dining room. What can I say? Maybe I've got too much "Mad Men" in my blood now.

Catherine at The Life Styled blog certainly knows a thing or two about styling a vintage bar cart, feminine and glamorous.  

I am obsessed with these vintage numbered glasses by Tom Collins, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere. If you happen to come across any or lookalikes for sale please let me know or grab them for me. I will forever be grateful. :)
More vintage bar cart roundup by

I really wanted to get this decanter set, a close replica of the Dorothy Thorpe's silver rim glassware, as seen on Mad Men. However, I was set back a little by the not-so-positive reviews I've seen online. Decision decision!

Finally, I would really love to take home a beauty like this - vintage brass bar/tea trolley. A lady from Oakville was selling one a few months ago at a very reasonable price. It was winter months and I was lazy and a bit under the weather, so I stood her up a couple of times (I did tell her I wasn't going to make it a few hours in advance). And now I really want to buy it but can't find it anywhere - we know what karma is!

My fallback would be to use this Glamour mirrored chest from Bombay that's already in my dining room as a bar. So do you have a bar at home? If so, how do you style it and what's in it?

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