Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dining Room Mirror Choice

My dining room re-design project is coming down to finishing touches: how should I style a long rectangular dining table, whether to change wall paint color, what goes on the wall over a dark-wood sideboard know, all the fun stuff.

This is the wall in question. Part of me feels like putting up a piece of art like an oil painting. However, our dining room is not the brightest room in the house so a mirror might be a better choice to brighten the space. I would like to get your input on which mirror would work the best for the nook.

Option 1: this is a mirror-framed mirror I picked up from HomeSense, love it but a little bit on the small side. Plus there are already quite a few substantial pieces of furniture with boxy lines so ideally I would like to pick a different shape. The sideboard underneath however has a curved bow front.

Option 2: Kichler mirror-framed cloverleaf mirror. Love the shape, finish and mirror-tiled frame reflecting the maximum amount of light. It's a bit too modern for the room I think.

Option 3: Uttermost hammered brass clover mirror, good-sized at 40", love the shape as well. My only concern is that the brass frame may trigger a domino effect which leads to changing the buffet lamps and the sideboard hardware. Or shall I not worry about matchy matchy?

The inspiration of Option 3 comes from this: a mirror can also be a piece of art if it's in the right shape and finish.
Palmer Weiss

Option 4: a classic French Louis Philippe gilded mirror. A more traditional and antiquey mirror like this will not only soften the look of room, but also bring the room together design style wise. 

The inspiration of the Option 4 comes from these gorgeous gilded mirrors. 
Atlanta Homes/ Amy D Morris
Palmer Weiss
Lonny Mag/ Lauren Gold

So which one is your favorite? Which one do you think will work the best in my dining room?

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