Sunday, August 11, 2013

Date Night

My mind was still on our recent trip to Spain and the Mediterranean, so this past Saturday night Mr. and I hit up a supposedly one of the best Spanish restaurants in town - Segovia Restaurant in the Church and Wellesley area.
Me and My Sangria - consider this my one serving of fruit for the day. :)

What drove us to Segovia is this, the Paella Marinera, a signature savory Spanish dish that I couldn't have enough of when we were in Barcelona.
Paella Marinera from Casa Joan in Gothic Quarter

Segovia's Tapa Paella is a good entrée-sized course served on a plate (instead of a sizzling hot Paella skillet). It tasted wonderful but was nothing like the ones I had in Barcelona - not as brothy, or savory, or eye-pleasing (probably because we ordered the one without saffron, not sure how I missed that.) We also ordered Crab Croquetas (crab cakes), Monkfish with Salsa Verde, and of course Mr. needed his Filet Mignon. I was told they make a mean Sangria but I've had better ones before.

These peach (blush) roses really grew on me so I am posting another picture of them again.

After dinner we went for some shopping, and I treated myself to this vintage gold J.Crew crystal cluster necklace - I was missing this piece around my neck in the first picture, right? ;-) I love its vintage-y yet casual chic style.

One obvious upside of writing and reading blogs is to be able to keep myself current in both home décor and fashion fields. After seeing Lindsay's post on her gorgeous J.Crew flower lattice necklace, I started doing some research and found out J.Crew necklaces are actually a lot more popular than I had thought. I can already think of a few outfits this necklace will go with.
Source: Etsy

So do you buy fashion trinkets from stores like J.Crew? Which one(s) are your favorite? 

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