Monday, August 5, 2013

Life with Style in Rosedale

One of my friends recently moved into the west end of Rosedale so we met up for lunch in the area this long weekend. After lunch we strolled down the boutique-lined street at the corner of Yonge and Scrivener.

Clock tower at Summerhill Station, Scrivener Square

Our first stop was Artifacts, a uber-chic lifestyle store selling fashion, décor and furniture. Can we just say the store façade is very Parisian and impressive already?

I was in awe once I set foot into the store. If you like Anthropologie, you'd love Artifacts even more - it's like Anthropologie on steroid! Granted, the store was cramped and a little bit claustrophobic, but it's packed with awesomeness and everywhere/everything I laid my eyes on was so stylish and glamorous. I wanted to take everything from Artifacts home - that's how much I love this store!

My second favourite store was Absolutely, a designer shop that offers a sophisticated mix of antique and contemporary furniture and décor accessories. What I love about Absolutely is their hodgepodge collections of antique/vintage items which welcomes those indecisive shoppers (like me) who walk into the store with an open mind.

We also stopped at Chair Table Lamp and ...Of Things Past. I had Hollace Cluny on my list, but too bad they were close for the long weekend. Hollace Cluny carries my favourite ceramicist Sophia Cook's vases. I almost picked up this pair of peppy yellow ceramic lamps from Chair Table Lamp but I couldn't think of a place for them at home. They could be yours if you like they - just look at how cheap they are at $150 for the pair!

We did end up with a couple of pieces of artworks and added one set of vintage bone china teacup to my collection. I will write more about them later.

I love the Rosedale-Summerhill area so much that I started daydreaming of owning a condo there for our retirement. I came across this listing and loved every bit about it. I am not sure if we will end up buying anything there at such young age, but one thing I know for sure is that we will be going back to the area to shop and dine, a lot more often from now on. If you are also interested in exploring the area, you can follow this food and décor guide from Toronto Life.

So how was your long weekend? Have you shopped in the area?

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