Monday, August 19, 2013

Rocker Chair Fabric Choice Update

I continue to play with different fabric choices for this vintage rocker I scored from CList. A big part of my indecisiveness was because I don't yet have a vision of what the room which this chair will be in will look like - what's the overall color palette, style, theme, etc. 

Anyhow, one thing I know for sure is that none of the fabrics I stared at for hours made the cut. I want it to be a fun piece of furniture so I am tempted to go with something a bit more light-hearted, like this Small Ikat Polka Dot fabric from Tonic Living.

Sarah Richardson used a similar fabric for barstools with dark wood legs and the combination totally worked, right? Sarah showed us how polka dot can be fun and tasteful at the same time.

What I particularly like about are the shades of greys vary with different lighting.

So what do you think of my latest fabric choice? Any other suggestions?

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