Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rocker Chair Fabric Choice

Remember this vintage rocker chair I scored a while ago? Over the long weekend I took out my stash of fabrics trying to decide whether I could reuse a piece I already own or look for a different fabric.

Here's the stash, from top to bottom: Schumacher Hothouse in Mineral, Anatol's Wide Stripes in Gray and White, Windsor Smith Pelagos in Mist, Premier Prints Zoom Zoom Chevron in River Rock, and Premier Prints Zoom Zoom Chevron in Village Natural.

So I started to cover the rocker with different fabrics to see how it looks. This is Windsor Smith Pelagos in Mist. I used the same fabric for my master bedroom drapery.

Wide striped gray and white fabric.

The same wide striped gray and white fabric horizontally.

Schumacher Hothouse in Mineral...too serious for a rocker maybe?
Too busy I think.

So which one is your favorite? Any other suggestions? Would you paint the chair in a different color (gray? white?) or leave it as is in the dark stain?

P.S. The winner to the vintage Hudson's Bay map tea towel is Designwali. Congrats!

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