Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dining Room Hutch Buffet Roundup

I've noticed hutch buffet is making a comeback not only into typical spaces where you expect to see them such as dining room and kitchen, but also into somewhere else more unexpected such as living room, bedroom and even bathroom. After all, hutch buffet is such a versatile piece of storage furniture: you can hide the clutter if you wish, or display all your pretty dishes, trophies or proud collectibles. Growing up, my family always have a hutch buffet, from my grandma's house to my parents' house. Our daily dinner started with me going to the hutch to bring out dishes and set the table. I still remember all the chinaware and figurines on display in my grandma's hutch. So to me, hutch buffet has a lot of sentimental value and is equally as important as a dining table.

These are a few examples of good use of a hutch buffet.

Dimples and Tangles' green china buffet makeover: this girl knows how to either go big or go home right? The gutsy choice of an emerald green paint color instantaneously transformed this old sad buffet into a statement piece.

It's so powerful but doesn't clash with her equally vibrant dining chairs, and works so well in a more classic yet energetic dining room setting.

Honey Sweet Home's from drab to fab white hutch buffet: who would want to put anything on display in the hutch? It's so beautiful and presentable as is!

Sarah Richardson uses this in the Sarah 101 Season 2 to add storage in a master bathroom:  only an ingenious designer like Sarah could think of such a perfect (yet alternative) use of a hutch buffet. It totally works for a more classic bathroom like this.  

Censational Girl's white hutch buffet for her stepdaughter's bedroom, as a collectible display.  

And this is going to be my baby, a custom piece being made by Anne Quinn Furniture based on this style. I will have some drawing to show you in the next few days.

So do you agree hutch buffet is gaining its popularity back these days? Do you have a hutch buffet in your house? Which room?

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