Monday, April 1, 2013

Dining Room Hutch Buffet

Is the idea of having a hutch display cabinet in a dining room so yesterday? I personally don't think so, although these days we are seeing less and less of them. Why? First of all, we have much less livable space, and a hutch cabinet is not a petite piece of furniture. Secondly, we have so many substitute storage furniture options such as buffets, dressers and tea carts. And lastly, hutch cabinet usually works for a more traditional setting.

But I fell in love with a hutch cabinet lately, and believe it's the resolution to most of my dining room design mishaps. It's not until recently that I noticed all the furniture pieces in my dining room are so leveled: they are all around the same height, which means from any angle your view is always obstructed; except for the dining set, they are all pushed towards the walls - isn't that the biggest design sin of all?! Having a hutch cabinet not only will allow me to display some of my pretty chinaware, but also adds height, layer and visual interests to the room.

Anyhow, I was fixated on getting this antique hutch display cabinet from a local classified ad. I immediately reached out to Paint It Like New, and Janet was kind enough to give me a very reasonable quote. Unfortunately the dimensions don't work for my space (too wide and too short). I really would be settling if I forced myself into getting this one just so I could save a few bucks, and might regret it down the road. It's better to get it done right the first time around, right?
What if I could get the same style but with the right dimensions and without breaking my bank? There's no one else I'd turn to for a request like this than my all-time favorite shop Anne Quinn Furniture. After a few emails, co-owner Christine (who is super nice to work with) had already prepared a working order and sent in my hutch for design drawing (which I hope to share with you shortly). The best part is, this custom piece doesn't cost that much more than the fixer-upper after I factor all the expenses associated with hiring a moving company and spray-painting. It saves me a huge amount of time from all the hassle, and all I need to do is anxiously waiting for it to be made and delivered in a couple of months. It doesn't get better than this!

Over the next few weeks I will take you through how this piece gets custom made as Christine shares WIP pictures with me. Can't wait.

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