Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mind Blowing

Remember the custom hutch buffet I ordered through Anne Quinn Furniture? You know me, especially when it comes to a custom piece of furniture like this and ordering off an image from Internet, I've been anxious to see what the outcome would look like. Well, it's not finished yet but this is the closest thing anyone can ever hope for to help visualize the real thing. The image below is from a series of drawings with different views of this hutch buffet unit Christine sent over.
The other views include from the side, from the top and 3-D, with dimensions down to the size of the mouldings. This is truly amazing because for someone so OC like me, I can tell where exactly a certain handle or knob goes, whether the hinges are exposed or hidden, and which shelves are removable, etc. This eliminates any second-guessing from buying custom and puts my mind at ease. Anne Quinn Furniture's customer service is above and beyond what I'd expect from a family business.

I will share some WIP pictures of the making as I have them.  

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