Friday, April 15, 2011

Falling for Hermès...

I usually take the Spring clean time to replenish my wardrobe. Just like a Chanel suit can make a lady feel legit, I see Hermès scarf complete a career outfit.

I picked up this Grand Manège Silk twill scarf (36" x 36") from Hermès today. I am hoping it will add a dash of colors to my boring grey, black and indigo suits.

Take a look at the vibrant colors and vivid design patterns in it! I have this bad feeling that this scarf is going to trigger a whole chain of shopping spree -- I am already onto their Home collection!
This is how the Grand Manège scarf looks like when knotted. There are supposedly 25 ways to knot a Hermes scarf.
And yes, I am already at the Home section! I've spotted this Avalon Signature H Blanket numerous times in decor shows and magazines, and I was totally in love with it. It seems so close to me now that I could almost sense the softness when my hands caress through it. All it takes are a few clicks away from my computer and a piece of plastic! However, at almost $1,500 after taxes and shipping, I think I will hold my horse for now and perhaps it will show up on our wedding anniversary day. (wink!)
 Doesn't it look divine in this light grey shade? I know just where it'd go in my house! Do you, hubby?

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