Friday, July 29, 2011

Color Me Happy - Blue

Maybe it's summer, maybe it's age. Lately I've become very sensitive to colors, and how they seem to immediately change my mood. I plan to run a series of "Color Me Happy" to highlight a few color families that are eye pleasing.

First and foremost is one of my favorite colors - blue. How many shades of blue can you name?
(click on the image to enlarge)
1. Purple blue bouquet; 2. Tiffany Blue close to Robin's Egg; 3. House Beautiful Blue cover in Cerulean Blue; 4. Need I say this is Turquoise Beach? 5. The Royal Blue Sapphire Ring; 6. Grey Blue/Azure Chinoiserie Wallpaper by de Gournay; 7. Sophie Cook's Aqua Pod Vase; 8. de Gournay's wallpaper again and Domino book's cover in Beryl Blue; 9. Vintage Blossom in Dove Blue.

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