Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Old Picture

Cough + fever + runny/stuffy nose + headache = days off blogging. It hasn't been easy to cope with a terrible cold like this while keeping up with the work intensity. I've been on antibiotics since Monday, and I think I managed to beat bronchitis by 24 hours. Consider myself lucky! Two years ago when I had similar symptoms, I waited another day before going to see my family physician. The result was non-stop coughing and asthmatic attacks for one week. I guess I learnt my lesson!

I dug up a picture of me taken a few years ago on a corporate retreat in Maui. Gazing at the picture made me realize how much I miss the ocean breeze.

So here's something I can look forward to in a few weeks. I will be doing nothing but reading on a sandy beach.

And perhaps blankly stare into the endless sea from our cruise ship balcony.

And how great is that! Way to unclutter my mind. Do you have any spring vacation plan?

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