Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Major Score: Hargett Table Lamp

This past weekend Anthony and I made a trip to Prima Lighting in search for our new dining room chandelier and buffet lamps (spoiler alert: a brand new design board on the way). Unfortunatley the Visual Comfort chandelier I was hoping to buy was not on display in the showroom. I feel a bit uncomfortable buying such a statement piece without seeing and touching the real thing. Anyhow, I didn't end up ordering it but decided to wait until the whole dining room's design comes together.

A while ago when I was researching online, I found this gorgeous Hargett Table Lamp in Antique Brass that would be perfect as a buffet lamp.

It's available through Circa Lighting or Elte in Canada. It's so versatile that it would look fantastic in any setting.

What's not so perfect about it though, is its $500+ price tag. After much consideration I've decided to bite the bullet: I love it more each time I look at it; it's made of solid brass so I am paying for a good-quality lamp with a timeless style which I am going to enjoy more and longer (back to buying quality over price). I decided I would buy them the same time when I order the new chandelier.

As fate would have it, this past weekend when I was browsing some local classified ads for vintage dining furniture inspiration, I came across this very same lamp, at a price so unreal that I had to pinch myself! My heart was racing when I called the seller, and it nearly jumped out of my chest when they said it's still available. I didn't even ask why they wanted to sell it because I was so afraid they'd change their mind. Who would want to part with something so gorgeous right? The best part is, they are moving to a new house near us so they could deliver it. A few hours later this beauty is mine, mine and all mine.

For the time being it's sitting in our living room. I do still need to order the other one to make a pair for our dining room buffet, but at least I've saved tons from this major score. If I was to act on impulse and order the pair a few months ago, I'd probably be kicking myself now. Patience pays off, right?

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