Monday, June 16, 2014

Love it or list it?

If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably would've figured out by now that I don't see our current house as our forever home. Don't get me wrong, our current house is amazing from the location to the size to the interiors, and especially the interiors where I worked my a** off. There is definitely no *need* to move, but I want to, eventually. The thought of having to start over is daunting - I could see myself redesigning everything no matter what. After all, decor, style and taste is a one-way street, they can only go up from here. My dream house needs to be in a more established neighbourhood but I am not after old fixer-uppers. I however don't mind older houses with very good bones and only require cosmetic makeovers. 

Anthony was convinced that the type of house I have in mind doesn't exist, and that we are going to need to hire an architect to design and build a house for us from scratch. I don't disagree. But from time to time you will still find me on browsing those properties that fit most of my wish list. 

This past weekend I came across this 6 bed 5 bath home in my desired neighbourhood, on a whopping 80x160 lot back onto ravine. The price tag is well within our budget. 

The house was likely built in early 80s. I am not a big fan of the yellowish brown brick exterior - how do I change the colour? Paint over? Stucco over? 

The ground floor has a living room, dining room, kitchen, family room and a library, not short of space this house is.  

This must be the dining room? 

Hey the 80s called, they want their kitchen back! I do see a lot of potential though: I could cover up the entrance next to the fridge, make it a C-shaped kitchen, and add a massive island, similar to the layout of my current kitchen

I would remove the side door and windows, and add a double french door open to the patio. 

The second floor has 5 bedrooms, and I am guessing this must be the master. I love the new hardwood flooring throughout the second floor. 

Grrr...yellow paint in master bathroom? But it comes with a bidet! Fancy! 

Basement is finished and there's again a ton of room. It has 9' ceiling height so it doesn't feel like a basement at all. But what's with the vinyl flooring? I guess the previous owner must have blown their reno budget on the fancy archway. 

I could probably fit two swimming pools into that huge yard. And I love that it's back onto a ravine so I would have full privacy! Now I come to think of this, perhaps the lack of privacy is the biggest turnoff for me with our current house? 

This house has a lot of pluses, but it also needs a lot of work. The question remains, love it or list it? 

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