Monday, August 10, 2015

Discover Ontario Summer 2015 - Part I

After a long vacation in the Adriatic and Aegean Sea area in June, we've pretty much decided to stay local for the rest of the summer and explore different parts of Ontario. I am so lucky and proud to call myself Torontonian and Ontarian - think about it, we have everything wonderful the rest of the world has, locally! We have numerous gorgeous (and clean) beaches, abundance of greenery, a long list of villages and sights with rich histories, we even have Planet of Mars-alike badlands! And I haven't even mentioned our wine country! 

We went to the Ashbridges Bay Beach with a few close friends and their family. Whether you are a hardcore beach volleyball player or a leisure kayaker or simply a beach sunbather, you will always find something there to do. 

And of course you can't miss the 3D Toronto sign outside of Nathan Phillips Square, all thanks to the Pan-Am Games. 

The tour to the Edwards Gardens is always educational, especially for an avid gardener like myself. 

I will be back to write about our wine country trip to Jordan (Ontario), food, and art. Have you been exploring Ontario this summer? 

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