Saturday, October 10, 2015

Antique Settee Daybed Reproduction

Well my friend, this week has been a fantastic week. First of all, Anthony and I made a last-minute decision and jetted off to Czech Republic for a much needed break. Prague is now among one of our favourite European cities - I will write more about it later on when I get around to organizing the photos. 

Secondly, this much anticipated Swedish sette I had custom made by Anne Quinn Furniture has arrived! I am head over heels in love with it! 

Remember it started at an elaborate drawing like this. 

The finished product turned out to be exactly the same better than expected. Just look at all the intricate carvings along the fluted legs and the entire frame. 

So many motifs and patterns work harmoniously together to create a cohesive look. 

I am so happy that I insisted on a slimmer finial at the base of the leg which resulted in a much more slender and elegant look. 

The settee/daybed is super deep and comfortable, and the removable cushion is practically a mattress! The slender legs make the sette look so light and airy, but the piece is very solid and actually weighs a ton. 

How do I know? 

We ran into a snag with getting the settee into one of our guest bedrooms. Brian from Anne Quinn Furniture and Anthony hauled this thing up our curved staircase with this hernia-rupturing expression all over their faces, only to learn that the settee was too wide to fit through the door! Normally we could have squeezed it in by tilting it at an angle, but the three-legged construction made it impossible for them to find any wiggle room. Poor guys had to drag it back downstairs. Brian offered to take it to his repair guy to make the middle legs removable. I was heartbroken because I would really hate to have a pristine brand new piece of furniture cut apart and modified. A few days later after we came back from Prague, Brian came to pick up the settee, drove all the way to his repair guy only to be told to try to fit the piece through the door vertically! The standard door is around 80" high, and the settee is slightly shorter than that. By standing it on the side and lifting it up vertically, they basically turned the piece and fitted one side in at a 45-degree angle, then made another turn, and the entire piece was into the room! Had the new maneuver been a little more difficult, three of us wouldn't have felt as embarrassed :). What happened with thinking outside the box?! The good news is that no modification was needed, and the settee went into the room literally in one piece. 

Brian went back and forth three times trying to make this right for us. This just shows there's nothing Anne Quinn Furniture wouldn't do to make their customer happy. And that's why after so many years, they are still my go-to custom furniture store. Customer loyalty is not bought; it is hard earned. 

Another good news I would like to share is that my vintage bar cart styling was featured at Elle Decor and Harper's Bazaar. Links to the article here and here

I will be back next week to write about an exciting art collaboration project, and a small front porch landscaping facelift. 

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! 

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