Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bring the Spark Back

To the relationship with my blog that is. We used to be so intimate: a couple of times a week while I waited for my facial mask to dry, I would fire up a new post and get my creative juices flowing. It used to be such an enjoyable experience. Now between an increasingly demanding job, planning for our upcoming vacations and taking care of my Dad's estate, it's been a real challenge to steer my passion here. Nevertheless, I still love writing and sharing about my decor projects, so it's a matter of getting my head back in the game. 8 years and 547 blog posts later, I wasn't going to give it all up. 

First up, I finally pulled the trigger on the living room chandelier. After two years of debate between modern and classic options, the traditionalist inside me won. I went with Visual Comfort's Paris flea market chandelier by E.F. Chapman, the larger size one at 33" in diameter. At today's exchange rate, it cost me an arm and a leg, but what's done it's done and there's no turning back. Let's hope I will like it for a long time. I also ordered the ceiling medallion.  

I love my mockups, need I say more? I am sure this is the last living room chandelier mockup I had to do (yeah right). I managed to check off one item on my 2016 project list, woohoo! Now I just need a new coffee table and replace those blue drapes, and I can call it a day. 

This wasn't on my project list but I really need it done. I didn't like how the retaining wall connects with our driveway, so the same landscaping firm is coming back to add a post like this. 

My cousin Abby, who has a super brain and runs a marine biology research lab in Stockholm, out of the blue, sent me these roses as a surprise. And the most kickass thing about them is that, they are faux! But they look and feel so real. 

Now this is more than real. Is it just mine or did all your Phalaenopsis orchids bloom like crazy in early Spring? I would've guessed they usually peak in Summer, but hey, I will take orchid blooms any time of the year. 

This picture was from a few weeks ago when I picked up these Hyacinth bulbs from Lowes. They were stunning while they last. 

So that's all for now. I will come back to write about the chandelier when I receive it. 

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