Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Achieving that Chic Bedroom Look

~ This is a collaborative post ~

Bedrooms are great spaces. They are somewhere you can shut out the rest of the world, and truly relax. Unsurprisingly people are spending more and more time in these rooms, which means that they are spending more money on decorating them.

Many people are opting to recreate the look and feel of a luxury hotel room in their own home. The fact they are short of time, and sometimes funds, means that many people end up taking a staycation rather than going away for a holiday. This is probably another reason people want to turn their home bedrooms into luxury spaces.

Stripping things back to the basics is the first step to achieving a fresh, clean, luxury look. De-clutter, and throw away what you do not need. Make sure that you have a space for everything by redesigning your wardrobe space. If you have to buy special storage racks to make better use of the wardrobe, it is wise to do so.

Crisp walls in neutral colours
Once you have reduced what is in the room you will have a clear canvas to work with. Start with the walls and ceiling. Decorate these in neutral colours. If you want a wallpaper feature wall, opt for a classic design rather than one that will date quickly.

Resist the temptation to skip painting the ceiling, and updating your light fixture. They will not look as clean and fresh as the rest of the room does, which will ruin the overall look.

Simple flooring
When it comes to flooring keeping it simple is the best way to achieve a chic look. If you want to, you can do what many continental hotels do and install stone or tile flooring. However, bear in mind that this is going to feel cold under foot. You can still achieve the look you are after if you opt for wood flooring instead.

Add in the extras
Investing in some of the extras you get in a hotel room also makes sense. For example, having a coffee maker and refrigerator in your room means that you can enjoy a glass of chilled wine without having to leave your warm bedroom, and go downstairs to a cold kitchen to get it. In the morning, you can put the coffee maker on while you are in the shower, and enjoy the beautiful aroma, as well as drink your fresh coffee in bed.

Upgrading your bedding the easy way
A good quality luxury throw or bedspread is always a good investment. They allow you to transform any bed, which means you can put off buying new bedding sets until you have enough funds available to buy the ones you really want.

Doing it on a budget
Speaking of which, if you are on a tight budget do not think that you cannot achieve the luxury look; you definitely can! You will just have to be a bit more creative and do the bulk of your shopping on sale days and New Year’s day, which is when the best discounts are available.
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