Friday, August 25, 2017

Top Tips on Giving your Garage a Makeover

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You have probably spent years placing various things into your garage thinking that one day you will have a use for it. Well, maybe the time has come for a clear out because you suddenly find that all that junk has filled your garage, and there is no more room for anything else.

If you are looking to give your garage a little makeover, then here are a few tips to getting it right to make some space for that Harley Davidson you have always wanted.

Removal of all the Junk
Before you can think about making over your garage, you need to get rid of all the things you no longer need. It can be the hardest part of the project, mainly because there may be many things that you might find it hard to part with.

However, you need to be determined and decide honestly what you can throw away. It will enable you to have more space and store the things you want.
You don’t necessarily have to throw everything, some things you can always sell online or at a garage sale. Either way, you will have more space and maybe a little extra cash to help with the makeover.

Prepare the Garage
Now you have removed all the unwanted things from the garage, you can see what might need to be repaired. Take time to have a good look around and see where may need some work. It is best to do these jobs now, rather than later, as you have the room to do it.
Replace old drain covers that may be broken or blocked, this will help avoid any future flooding. Also, check the seals on your garage door to make sure they still in good condition. If they are damaged, consider replacing them.

Coating the Floor
Once everything is out of the garage, you will then be in a position to think about how you will coat the floor. There are kits that you can buy to do the job yourself, however, it isn’t easy and it won’t have the finish of the professionals. Think about your skillset, are you capable of this job?

Painting the Walls
Before you think about adding storage, paint the walls in a paint suitable for garages. It will prevent moisture from getting in and it will make the garage look brighter. Try to choose a color that is bright so that it makes use of any available lighting.

Adding Storage
Now you can start to add storage to your garage, this can be in the form of units, cupboards or shelves. Add as much storage as you can, even if it’s more than you need so that you have room for any additional things. You can also replace all the items you took out that you wanted to keep. Clean them as you replace them so they look ok in the newly made over garage.

In just a few days, you can have a fully made over garage that you can use and that will have the space for the things you really need. 
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