Monday, September 18, 2017

6 Reasons to Choose Vanities with Vessel Sinks

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Nowadays, vessel sinks are becoming extremely popular for multiple reasons. As compared to the traditional sinks, the vanities with vessel sinks offer more design and give a premium touch. It certainly becomes a talking point for the conversation because of its elegance and looks.

Talking about vessel sinks, there are arrays of options available. They come in various materials like nickel finishes, concrete, copper, porcelain, natural stone, glass, etc.

Below are the six reasons which justify the ongoing trend of vanities with vessel sinks:

Easy to Install
The vessel sinks are easier and simpler to install. The mounted or the traditional sink requires countertop cutouts. The vessel sinks, however, do not require any countertop cutouts. It needs a drill to put a hole from where water can drain.

The vanities with vessel sinks look utterly stylish and elegant in appearance. It looks classy and adds persona to your bathroom. They are beautiful in look and can be set in accordance with the bathroom vanity. If it suits one can have the vessel matching with the cupboard.

It is easier to swap out as compared to the mounted sink. If one does not like the design or feel the urge to change, the contractor or the plumber can do it easily without taking much trouble. It can be changed or replaced simply without pain.

The shape and size of the vessel are versatile in nature. They are usually bowl shaped, but they are also available in rectangular and square shapes. The edges are boxy as well as flared. Depending upon the price and material they can skew toward sleek or substantial, or between modern and primitive.

The mounted and the traditional sinks take a lot of space. It also is fixed and not movable. On the other hand, the vessel sink is very compact. Besides being compact, the vessel sinks are also movable in accordance with the convenience. The vanities with vessel sinks are also designed in a manner that they occupy less space. Owing to these reasons vessel sinks are more spacious.

There are certain things that are needed to be taken into consideration before installing the vessel sink. If these things are taken care, the life of the people can be more easy and comfortable. So before installing the sink, certain things like the height of the person who uses the sink most of the time should be considered. The sink should be placed on the vanity in the corner. The height of the mirror and the lighting should also be taken care. If these things are taken into consideration, then these sinks offer unmatched comfort.

The vessel sinks, therefore, are a complete package. They are easy to install and replace, flexible to move, easy to clean, spacious and most importantly it has a lot of options. Other than these, it is a symbol of modernity, style, and class. These add a unique charm to your bathroom's decor and make it look contemporary.
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