Monday, December 18, 2017

DIY Household Repairs You Can Do in Minutes

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Sometimes even the smallest repairs cost a small fortune when you need to call in a professional repairman. No matter what they do, or don’t do as the case may be, you will most likely be charged a ‘house call fee’ that costs ten times what a DIY repair would cost if you took the time to research how to do them.

YouTube is a DIYer’s best friend when it comes to household repairs and the great thing is that you can follow along step-by-step so that you actually get good results! Some of the easiest repairs can be done in minutes, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Resetting Your Garbage Disposal
While we tend to think of our garbage disposal as magic for getting rid of all those scraps that used to clog our sinks, garbage disposals can get clogged as well. When this happens, the automatic reset button will trip and your disposal will simply cut off.

You can get step-by-step instructions on Mr Garbage Disposal and this is one you really won’t need a video walkthrough for. It’s a matter of making sure your disposal is off, hitting the reset button like they show you, and you should be back in business again.

Fixing a Wobbly Showerhead
Some homeowners call in a plumber to install an entirely new pipe and showerhead because that wobble is driving them crazy. If you are plagued by a wobbly showerhead, simply use expanding foam that will keep that wobbly showerhead securely in place. It’s an easy and cheap fix – much less than a plumber’s service call!

Quick and Easy Patches for Holes on Ceilings or Walls
Here is a unique DIY fix that only costs the price of a smoke detector. If you have a small hole in the ceiling, perhaps from a hanging plant that pulled loose bringing plasterboard along with it, simply install a smoke detector over that hole. Is the landlord waiting to schedule that annual walkthrough? What an easy way to disguise damage until you can get it done the right way.

Removing Water Stains without Repainting an Entire Room
Whether you notice that water stain on the ceiling or on a wall near a sink, you really don’t need to repaint the entire room. A 10 percent solution of household bleach with tap water will do the job nicely. Old water and mold stains may be more resistant, requiring a second application a day or two later. Simply use a spray bottle you can get at any dollar store for the job, spray, and you are done. The actual job only takes moments, but you may need to wait a while to see how much of the stain is lifted.

Here you have some quick and easy household repairs that are perfect for novice and seasoned DIYers alike. Save the money you can later spend on that new flat screen TV you’ve been wanting by learning to do these easy fixes. Each is a quick and inexpensive fix and something even an amateur can accomplish. Would that be you?
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