Thursday, July 19, 2018

Stylish Eco-Friendly Options For Your Home

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In today’s world, everything you do is impacted by how you treat the planet. With global warming on the rise, people are constantly looking for ways to do their bit to help. There is no better way of doing this than to focus on where people spend most of their time: in their homes. Although being eco-friendly traditionally implies you must compromise your style for the planet, the two are now a perfect pairing when it comes to improving your home. If you are struggling to find the best ways you can update your home style, while keeping your carbon footprint low, make sure you follow the five handy hacks.

Re-evaluate your heating
When the winter months roll in, it can be easy to put your heating on full to avoid any late-night chills. Not only does this increase your energy bill, but it also does lots of damage to the environment. To minimize this risk, it’s wise to invest in aluminum radiators from retailers such as, which use much less water to heat up and have a smaller energy rating. This kind of radiator also adds a more polished look to any room.

Choose thermal curtains
When you want to keep your home toasty without increasing your energy usage, you can go one step further by buying smart features like thermal curtains. Not only are these a huge help if your double-glazing isn’t keeping the heat in, but they can be a great style statement if you choose some that have bold patterns on them. Popular fabrics include heavy cotton and velvet, which can also bring some texture into a room.

Use natural fabrics
When you buy soft-furnishings, you may not usually stop to think about what they are made of or where they come from. Usually, they will be made of synthetic fibres that can give off a chemical smell when you first buy them. To help the air quality of your home and to promote recycled fabrics, it’s a good idea to shop at natural fabric stores when choosing your blankets and cushions.

Always go second-hand
When you are updating a room with new furniture, you run the risk of increasing your carbon footprint by choosing brand new styles. To keep your footprint low and introduce a vintage feel to your home, going second-hand is always preferred. Then, when the time comes that you are finished with those furnishings, you should put them on a second-hand website or donate them to friends, family or charities for free.

Bring plants indoors
Bringing plants inside has immeasurable benefits to your home, from adding a bright pop of colour, to improving the air quality around the house. Having a few scattered around each room means you are less likely to need an air humidifier, which reduces your energy usage. Not only this, but you are doing your small bit to help plants grow. If you want to go one step further, you can also make your own allotment in your garden, where you can grow your own fresh produce. This way, you reduce your carbon footprint further and add a rustic feel to your home.
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