Wednesday, September 12, 2018

8 Useful Hacks To Declutter Your Home

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No matter how small your interior space is within your property, there are many ways in which you can truly make it feel more like your own home. If you have recently moved into a new house or apartment and are looking to put your own stamp on the place, or perhaps have children and struggling to keep each room chic and clutter-free, there are many simple hacks you can follow to give your interior space a stylish and cozy boost.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can make your home feel less cluttered and more inviting:

1.  Clean up your hallway
The hallway is the very first room of the home that guests will see, therefore, it is important to keep the space free of clutter and ultimately, welcoming. To begin with, it would be best to get rid of any muddy shoes, hanging coats and other bits of added clutter that in a simple phrase can make the whole house seem extremely disordered. One of the best ways of keeping your hallway organized is by investing in a storage bench, in which you can store the likes shoes and bags to prevent a build-up of clutter in your living space.

2.  Color Palettes

The choice of color you decide to paint your walls can have a major impact on making a space seem bright, fresh and airy. It goes without saying that neutral color schemes are far more calming in comparison to bold colors, which are far louder and are destined to make a real statement.  It wouldn’t be advised to use such colors in small rooms, as bold color schemes can often give the illusion of a more confined space. If you live in an apartment, for example, you should keep color palettes fairly neutral to give the impression of fluidity. Find out more tips and tricks on how to achieve stylish
apartment decor.

3.  Be clever with your space

If you have an office within your home, you are likely to have a great deal of stationary, files and books lying around. However, as offices are usually in the spare room, knowing where to store such items can a challenge. One of the best space-saving methods would be to purchase a desk with a range of storage options to keep your belongings organized.

A bathroom can also get cluttered extremely easily with the number of toiletries and cosmetics used on a daily basis and knowing where to store them can be difficult if you have extremely limited cupboard space. One good option would be to make or purchase colorful storage bins to place on shelving. A mirrored bathroom cabinet is also a great idea, as many do contain interior shelving to store extra bits and pieces.

Laundry storage bins are also ideal for keeping washing out of view; which is especially important when guests come to use your bathroom. A tired looking laundry basket isn’t the most attractive of sights, therefore a furniture style piece should blend into the décor well and give a much chicer feel. A traditional style bathroom cabinet is also an idea for combining both style and function; in which it compromises a wash basin at the top and ample storage space underneath. These styles were once extremely popular before plumbing was introduced, but many of those now keen on vintage interior styling are known to revamp old dressers and make them the center piece of the bathroom.

4.  Good lighting
One of the best ways to make your home feel much more inviting would be through the use of good lighting. For full lighting, an overhead light is the best option, however this can become intrusive and uncomfortable on the eyes, so wouldn’t be used to create a comforting environment. Placing floor or table lamps around the room gives a much cozier feel, but steer clear from fluorescent lighting which can make the space feel more like a store, rather than a living space.

5. Symmetry
In order for your space to appear less cluttered, it is always an idea to have a good amount of symmetry in each room to ensure there is good balance and flow. When planning out any interior layout; bear in mind that furniture shouldn’t be placed randomly around the room or it will make the space seem somewhat unorganized. Be aware that the furniture you decide on is appropriate for the space rather than being too oversized, or on the other hand; doesn’t look lost against expansive walls.

6. Shelving
Shelving is an extremely effective way of keeping your home clutter. If you happen to have any rooms in the home that are painted with minimal wall décor, shelving can add that bit of depth and visual interest; especially if you choose to display quirky belongings that fit in with your décor.

7.  Make it match
One of the most exciting parts of decorating the home is choosing furniture items for your main living spaces; however, it can be fairly easy to get carried away with choosing items that are simply just to your taste rather than intending to stick to a particular theme. Aim to avoid a mish-mash of colors and instead, take time to consider the individual color themes for each room before you purchase. A clever idea would be to stick to neutral color palettes so you can swap your furniture items around if you wish to change up the space.

8. Plants

Plants are a great way of inviting a touch of outdoor charm into your home and doesn’t necessarily require you to be a keen gardener either. Plants are an ideal way of filling an empty corner for example and would look great when placed in a vibrant-toned pot against a neutral wall to achieve an eye-catching pop of color. Plants give a sense of calm to any room; but would look particularly great in a living room, kitchen or bedroom.
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