Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2019 Holiday Home Tour: Burgundy and White

Well, you must have been wondering why I didn't post my 2019 holiday home tour, or you were so disappointed that you unfollowed me and moved on. Either way, here I am, better late than never, to post about my 2019 holiday decor. 2019 was an unexceptionally busy year at work, life, travel, among other things. As we age, each year becomes a smaller percentage of our life, and that's probably why it felt like a year flying by in the blink of an eye. 

For the 2019 holiday decor, I chose a burgundy and white theme. This was the first time ever for me to decorate with *reds* so I opted for a more muted and less vibrant burgundy shape. I was nervous because neither my home nor cottage has any red accents, but I have to say, I LOVE IT! 

This was our 9-foot Fraser Fir - we put it up in our foyer this year. It was too big and would look too out of place in our living room. 

I learned I could actually keep the Norfolk Island Pine as a houseplant, so double cheers to that! 

We moved the giant Zizi plant which used to be in the foyer to our second floor hallway for the time being. Otherwise there would be too much greenery in one room. Oh, and this vintage Royal Baluch wool runner rug was from eCarpetgallery. It has all the muted brown, caramel, tan and navy tones, so soft and doesn't shed. Such a gem! 

This was from our dinning room overlooking the foyer.  

Those onion baubles were from HM Home, red glass house ornaments were from Glucksteinhome via Hudson's Bay. 

Love all the warm glow from the tree! 

Move on to the living room. I didn't want the holiday decor to take over the room, so I chose a blue fir tree with sparse and slender silhouette and left it untrimmed. 

Remember the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree I picked up a couple of years ago, it's now standing 7-foot tall and still going strong. 

This was the Bella Tan Level Leather Bench from Article. I ordered it for our bedroom but decided to leave it in the living room for extra seating during the holiday entertaining. 

Dining room. 

Recently I took on charcuterie board as a new hobby and have been obsessed about it. They certainly have made this year's holiday entertaining so much easier for me, especially with a sprained wrist and tendinitis. In the board below, I pickled those red onion myself using apple cider vinegar. It was so easy to do and has so much presence on the board. 

I also candied the naval orange slices in this round board - they were so delicious! 

So there you have it, my belated 2019 holiday home tour. Wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous 2020! Dream big and achieve more! 

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