Friday, June 12, 2020

Tips for the Most Overlooked Aspect of Home Renovation: The Garden

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When renovating a home, you will be looking to make an old home fresh, safe and a delight to live in. When the weather is nice, an important aspect of enjoying a home is enjoying its garden. Although major changes to a home are significant, overlooking a garden is a mistake made by too many. What’s more, renovating a garden is far simpler than renovating a home. Here are some tips.

Know your soils, plant the right flowers
A garden renovation doesn’t need to involve landscaping. Often it just means changing the flowers, removing dead or cumbersome plants, and creating a space that you enjoy. Before you plant any new plants, it’s worth making sure that you have a good awareness on how different plants perform in your climate and in different conditions: e.g. direct sun, partial sun, shaded areas, acidic soils, etc. It is worth sending in a sample of your soil for testing or getting a DIY kit, as this can inform you which fertilizers you might need if your soil has any deficiencies, as well as whether to put acidic or alkaline compounds in your soil to balance the Ph.

Perform a Health Check
If you have big plants like trees in your garden, you might want to perform a health check to make sure they don’t need to be taken down and are living healthily. There are many steps to inspecting the health of a tree, but you should inspect the central leader for splits, which can create a wound that might allow insect infestations.

Look for broken or dead branches that you need to prune and for mosses and disease. Spanish moss can be a problem in warmer climates, as it can cling to branches and weigh down your tree in a way that can cause permanent damage. Know the signs of Spanish moss, and if you spot any dangerous growths, you should go for a Spanish moss removal service as soon as possible.

Balance the heights of your plants
You should have a carefully planned plant height spectrum, with taller plants at the back and small delicate flowers at the front. If you have an island flower bed, you should avoid mixing tall and short, instead putting taller plants in the center for obvious reasons — plants are meant to be seen after all!

Know your seasons
A truly great garden should look good in all seasons, which is why you should have a mixture of different seasonal plants to make sure that your garden has a beautiful variety of colours throughout the year. Many people theme their seasons, for example planting only white spring-bloomers so that the garden is hit with a wave of snow-white petals to complement spring blossom.

The Perennial Problem
If you are renovating a perennial garden, you will probably need to remove some existing plants to simplify your beds. If you need to remove perennials, be sure to double check when would be the right time to remove them as some plants prefer a particular season for removal, which you should consider if you are doing any transplantation. 
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