Friday, February 19, 2021

Three Quick Tricks That Make A Real Difference To Your Home Style

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If you can say one thing about the last 12 months, it’s that we’ve had a lot more time to appreciate our homes. But, with more time than usual staring at the same four walls, the desire to make a few quick-fire changes is bound to be very strong.

If the spark of inspiration is still eluding you, here are a few easy ways to make your home look different without too much effort, too much expense, or without making too much of a mess.

#1 Give your walls a new look

Decorating can be very messy and inconvenient. There’s furniture to move, and a very good chance paint is going to end up getting splashed on the couch or your favorite rug. Not only that, cleanup can take ages, and washing the brushes and paint rollers out are one fo the many things that can make the kitchen sink clogged.

Also, if you are a renter, your landlord isn’t going to take too kindly to you repainting your rooms without their permission. There are other alternatives like wall art (bought cheaply on internet auction sites or from thrift stores) which can change the look of your walls and can be moved around again next time you want a change.

While you are there, you could pick up some mirrors that will also transform your living space and reflect light back into your rooms.

#2 Colorful crockery
You might not have the budget to redecorate your kitchen or be able to change too much if you are a tenant, but what you can do is fill the space with colorful crockery. Mismatched, bright pieces can give your meal preparation and dining areas plenty of retro character, and if you source them from thrift stores or end of lines sales online, you can achieve this look on a very small budget.

You could also extend this to your plant pots which you can make colorful as well and extend that bright kitchen vibe around the rest of the house.

#3 Light it up
We all know how different our rooms look in a different light. Another thrift store purchase could be some lighter, brighter curtains which let more light in and make the rest of the room seem brighter. If that’s not for you, spending every evening by candlelight can give your living space a warmer, cozier, calmer, and more romantic feel.

To add to the overall chilled-out feeling, some of those candles could be scented with fragrances that make the place seem fresher or create a mood for a time of year, like spices, pumpkin, and nutmeg in the holiday season.

If you are on a low budget, or if you are a tenant, then changing the look of your living space can be hard. However, with a few left-field ideas and studious use of the internet to spot bargains (and a few trips to the thrift store), that fresh look might not be as out of reach as you might have thought.
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