Thursday, August 19, 2010

Help with picking kitchen backsplash

I am a big fan of Bianco Carrara marble but since I can't use it as kitchen countertop, I have to close for a granite in the similar color tone. I didn't expect to sign up for Kashmir White Granite until I saw these two slabs.

This is one of the Kashmir White slabs I picked at the countertop company. The picture doesn't do its justice. They are extremely clean-patterned and low-grained with little garnets and overall in a white-grey-taupe color tone. I fell in love with these two slabs immediately, and had to stick my name on them before they were taken.
This is a close-up of the slab.
So that was the story about picking out a countertop, and it was relatively painless. Now comes the part that's hard to decide: the backsplash to go with it. My kitchen cabinets are maple shaker in espresso finish, so you could consider it modern style. Since I wasn't able to use Bianco Carrara Marble as countertop, I was hoping to use it as backsplash, though I haven't ruled out funky stuff like stainless steel or pearl mosaic tiles.
Here are a few types I am considering...what do you think?
Option 1: Bianco Carrara Interlocking Strip/Straw Option 2: Bianco Carrara Mini Brick Option 3: Bianco Carrara 1x1 Mosaic
Option 4: Stainless Steel Interlocking Strip/Straw (too modern?)
Option 5: Mother of Pearl (fancy but is it durable?)

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