Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Kitchen Makeover

After another $6,500 bank poorer (or house richer), mixed with sweat and tears (okay okay I am a drama queen), we've finally wrapped up our kitchen renovation Phase II. The Phase I was through our builder which cost us an arm and a leg.

This picture pretty much sums up what we did this time. We've settled for a mainstream granite like Kashmir White as it lightens up our espresso maple cabinets. I am still adapting to the super deep spacious that Anthony joked we could bathe a baby (or two) in it!
And this is the part that I wish never to look back. Bianco carrara mini brick backplash looks fantastic, but the installation and clean-up process was extremely painful. The Keracolour Unsanded Grout dried before we had time to wipe the excessive off the stone. We tried Dupont Haze Grout Cleaner but it did very little to remove the dry residual. The rest became nightmare as we had to manually scrape it off from these mini tiles -- there must be thousands of them as our backplash occupies 40 square feet!
Anyhow, for those DIY warriors, here is a list of tools we used to put up our kitchen backsplash.
Here is the kitchen after being upgraded twice that I can finally enjoy. I would like to see this as an inspiration to improve my culinary skills -- oh, did I mention that I don't even cook that well or much? :-)
Bianco Carrara Mini Brick Subway Tile Close-up
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