Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kitchen in ICI Silver Cloud Paint

It is now common knowledge that grey is the new beige. Looking back, from my first few condos with builder white walls, to my last house in a vibrant Tweety yellow, to the current house in neutral color palettes, I have come a loong way when it comes to picking the right paint colors for different rooms. I've learnt to take my time and research to death before I commit to any paint color. So after much needed consideration and debate over tens of grey colors, I went ahead with ICI Silver Cloud for my kitchen.

Here is the kitchen now in ICI Dulux Silver Cloud. I used their VOC-free Dulux Lifemaster line. The coverage was amazing and it was virtually odorless. ICI Dulux gave me a free membership with 25% discount entitlement off every order, so I think I am going to stick with this brand for a while. The Silver Cloud color is so elegant and sophisticated (my camera doesn't do the justice), and echos a certain shade of the Bianco Carrara backsplash. Here is the dining area inside the kitchen. The pedestal table is from Anne-Quinn Custom Furniture, and the "O" chairs are from InVu/BB Bargoons. I still think the drapes and blinds look too plain so I may switch to roman shades and darker color drapery. Any suggestions?
Oh, and here's the Alessi Michael Graves Kettle I got in the mail today. Anthony is still getting used to the bird whistle but he will get there.
And here are the Paderno Pepper/Salt Mills I ordered. Together they cost me over 100 stones! In hindsight they are not smart buys. Oh well.

That's it for today. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Year 2011!

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