Saturday, September 3, 2011

Home Office Progress Part II

Long weekend has finally come, and Anthony and I eventually got around to assemble the new bookcases. We have put away books and things from tens of boxes, and there are still tons of them in the basement waiting to be sorted out. I love the thrill of a grand reveal, but to live (work) in the same room being renovated drives me bunkers I tell ya.

So here is the home office progress part II. The color combination from the "Chungking Express" poster (an Amélie-alike romantic cliché) seems to work in the space, but I could only find one movie poster that looks so nice (and from a movie I actually like). I need a second one on the other side of the window wall. Yes, in addition to being a neat freak, I also a lover of symmetry.
Click on the image to enlarge
So I "returned" the movie poster to hub's home office (we each gets a room in our house as our office. His is next on my list to refresh.), and picked up these art prints by Caroline Gold titled Noon I and II. I saw Caroline's work at an art gallery before, and love the serenity she conveys through her use of colors. 
And this is the white Billy Bookcases we put together. I think I am going to add crown moulding and baseboard to dress them up.
This is a not so pretty corner of the office. A wall gallery will go up on this wall. I am yet to find a library/lounge chair that's small yet comfortable enough to sink in for a long read (or phone call). Any suggestions?
Here is a list of things that still need to be done before this project can be wrapped up:
  • Change the lighting fixture (still searching);
  • Take stuff out of the basement and fill the bookcases;
  • Possibly add moulding to the bookcases for a more integrated look;
  • Put up a gallery wall;
  • Find a comfortable armchair that's upholstered in white, cream or light grey;
  • Finish a couple of beach-themed display boxes.
As you could see the room still requires several finishing touches, but thankfully the most painful parts (aka painting, assemble furniture) are over.
Have a great long weekend everyone!
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