Monday, September 19, 2011

Photo Ledge and A Last Glimpse of Summer

After much debate over a gallery wall vs. photo ledge, I've decided to go with the latter for the reason of less commitment (only 4 nail holes in the wall), and a more laidback appeal. This is what it looks like still in progress.
I spent the majority of my childhood on an island city in the Pacific ocean. Nostalgically, anything from the sea has a soft spot in my heart. The purple coral branch fossils in the two vintage glass display boxes are every rare. It takes the purple coral 25 years to grow 1.5 inches, and therefore it is now a protected species. This corner has become my emotional escape in my home office.
I am almost done with the home office except for some finishing touch to yet another Ikea Rast hack, and framing the Caroline Gold's posters (when they arrive in the mail). Am I too crazy to like industrial chic decor like this or this for the Ikea Rast chest (well that's the look I am going for)?
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