Thursday, November 17, 2011

Basement Day 4

Today I officially joined Anthony in wearing ear plugs -- I couldn't take the noise any more. It felt like they were drilling into my head, with very vivid vibrating sensation shooting all the way from the basement! I was so going to get myself out of the house but unfortunately my meeting was rescheduled to be over the phone.

Noise aside, our contractor has made a lot of progress on Day 4. They've started to put up the drywalls. Here are some pictures.

They cut up part of the wall to open up the staircase. Notice they didn't open it all the way up -- do you think that's going to look strange? I don't believe those studs provide that much more support but it would certainly look so much nicer opened up all the way. What's your experience in this type of situation?
Staircase from another angle.
Hallway leading to washroom, bedroom and utility room.
This is the wall-to-wall closet.

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